Will you be starting at Hyjal or Vash'jr?

where will you be starting?

keep seeing people say Hyjal will be more crowded because alot dont like Vash’jr coz its underwater?

Words cannot express how much i love :two_hearts:Vashj’ir!:two_hearts:

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Vashj’ir for the achievement on this character, after that I’m never going there again.

That’s part of it, but it’s also a boring zone, and you barely get any reputation down there (which one would expect, due to how much Earthen Ring stuff is going on). Hyjal is simply smoother to do.

Hyjal. Propably my favorite zone in the entire game.
But tbf, Vash’ jir is visualy stunning. The theme, caves, mobs etc…it is actualy amazing in terms of atmosphere and visuals. Unfortunately it will nevere compete with normal zones where you can fly and where quests are designed for xou to be bolted to the ground.

Imho ppl who start in vashjir will have a slight advantage in terms of not having to fight THAT much over every single quest mob unlike hyjal + amazing unique and fresh enviroment to quest in, but will be challenged with a slightely uncomfortable leveling.

Vash’jir up until you get the under water mount, just in case I need it at some point in the future, after that I’m out if I can help it. Worst zone.

Hyjal to build rep with the faction for the head enchant.

going vash’ir first and hyjal after that. ppl mostly go to vash’ir for underwater mount quest and rare mount to AH, and i like the lore down there