Windwalker monk rbg?

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Hi. I hover around 2k-2.1k mmr in rbgs. I was thinkung monk for next season. We have healers so mostly ww. I mean the damage is good, has a MS, the mobility is really good so i can respond to where is needed and even keep up with DH tanks and chase them down. I have ring of peace which can be so strong especially on the flag maps. Also on maps where we might run 4 healer i can easily change spec. However my gm is at 2.8k mmr. Far more experienced than me and said ww monk isnt really a viable choice. He is far better at the game than me but i cant see how it wouldnt be a good char to have. Can any one elaborate?


I was new in Legion & hoped to be good enough to try Rated in BfA, but the state of WW now… I can see why people would see WW as a liability where other classes simply bring so much more to the table.

WW mobility took a hit coming into BfA (FSK reduced, Transfer cd doubled) & with so many more mobile classes (clearing 1/2 a map in 2 leaps or speed+stealth) & classes throwing out a plethora of roots & snares & pulls & poisons & passive slows & ranged stuns & poly’s & fears & knockbacks …& considering we need to talent into a single root removal (where others do it on the fly & slows are passively reapplied anyway), I wouldn’t rate WW mobility that great or unique anymore (…unless there’s literally no one around).

WW self sustain took a huge hit too. Healing Elixirs gone, transfer heal gone, Karma heal gone.
Now if we want to heal we need to stand still & spam Vivify for 30sec, or just kill 15 people & run over all those orbs.
Baseline defensive was nerfed to 50% (which used to heal us to full, now it’s burst through in under 3s or just negated/dispelled).

CC’s took a hit
(FoF stun removed, SotWL removed, paralysis cd increased 300%). But we have a 3s Leg Sweep & can spam Disable (if you have the Energy to spare).
RoP really is a great tool, which is why I can see it being removed soon.

WW can be fun to play in randoms, but in rated I think other classes just simply offer more.

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The issue with any melee in RBGs is that you need to go in deep to be able to connect on certain targets. To survive any swaps to you, you need CDs that allow you to get out or avoid damage all together.

The only melee that have enough CDs + mobility to be viable in RBGs are rogues and DHs.

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I see my dk as certianly viable in rbgs with necrotics and chains of ice, but i fancy playing wind walker. Thank you for your in depth answer paws

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It depends how u define viable. Id say DK is sub optimal but usable.

U should play what u prefer to play. Even if that means that u have to pug to get there. I mean im at around 2500 MMR while playing 90% with pugs on this.

U could always use DK for your guild team and pug on the WW.

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WW is known as to be the worst melee for RBG since WoD. Unless they get some real strong utility or strong sustained damage there is no much worth taking a WW over an Arms for example.

Yet it is viable if your Team is really good and can get you through. You still offer some good tools (RoP/AoE stun) ride the wind etc etc but another downside is that WW is pretty squishy in long team fights which makes them also meh to pick.

So overall:
Avoid playing WW in RBG not only you won’t get invited for 99% of the times, also are WW really limited in longer fights.

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Cool dude thanks for the info.

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You want to stick with your DK in RBG. If you want to be great, you should learn to be a good target caller. Know other classes well, think on your feet, and call for nukes on enemy targets; you can even grip them. DK is viable at pretty much any level; it was even pre-buff in 8.0. Cutiepie is right about WW in RBG, but they are beasts in arena.

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Yea i hover between target caller or not, depends what other melee dps come. I do know my spec and other classes we have messed around a lot this season next season we have the players we believe we can push 2.2k to 2.4k. I have a dk, shaman (all spec geared) druid (moonkin and feral) mage (frost and arcane) and monk (ww and mw) all geared and ready to go. But yea looks like il stick with the dk

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