Windwalker's Fist of Fury (FoF) Bugged

Blizzard back at it again with FoF being bugged with the camera angle (1yard range) after 2nd patch in a row.

First time it affected all cone shaped abilities, not sure if thats the case now as well but they need to hotfix this asap, literally unplayable.


Seems to be getting bugged every patch now its a joke!

They should just make it an aoe without a dependence on the camera angle. For the spell identification it would be weird, but a 1000 times better than having to deal with bugs every single time!

hellooooo blizzard can we play the game fix it please

You can tell no one at bliz plays monks as when a major ability is broken it’s not even looked at until the monk playerbase yells.

They hotfixed a broken paladin aura a few days ago.

Shows priorities.

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