<Wing It> is recruiting chill players for things!

(Splatface) #1
We don't believe in stress - we like calm and chill :)

We are a currently small guild looking for more players to do mythics, PVP, raiding, and whatever we feel like. The end goal is the higher tier mythic+ and raids, but we're not going to play hardcore to get there; we're not expecting perfection, just a willingness to learn without drama and shouting.

Looking for like minded players - pretty much all are welcome - to gear up together and reach appropriate numbers to run content in an enjoyable manner. Founders are myself and my fiancé, we just like to do things friendly - we're not hardcore raiders, but want to do some runs with a guild group that we can have a laugh with.

To get in touch or ask questions you can reply here, add MightyPants#2598, or in game as splatface / pawfeatures / forstbolt.

(Balladúr) #2

What are you thinking about raiding times? is it late night or what is it?

(Splatface) #3
Raid times are currently TBC as we lack numbers, so will be whenever people are available - but I imagine evenings or weekends, whatever we can make work really :)

(Splatface) #4
Bump :) Growth is slow with competition, but we got some nice people already :)

(Alneyadixs) #5
Hey ive been looking for a guild that's chill and willing to do raids and mythic +.
Are you still recruiting ? and is it fine if im kinda low ilvl ( 350 Mage) ? :D

(Splatface) #6
Apologies for the slow reply, I've been busy the past week and I'm currently the only one recruiting,

We're still looking for members, slow growth but making progress! Still looking for chill players, currently trying to build a raid team. Anyone and everyone welcome.

If by some chance you haven't found a guild already and are still interested, let me know :)

For fast contact, best bet is adding battle tag listed in original post, or if you prefer discord shafted#2887 :)

(Opincajr) #7
You guys still looking for people?