Winterborn bulwark is not obtainable

So, as title says, I was unable to get appearance of Winterborn Bulwark after grinding and spending 30k anima on Arsenal: Winterborn Weapons. I’m probably the only person who was stupid enough to endure this anima grind for nothing (since I only wanted the Bulwark from the whole set).
Is there any other source for this model then?
And please don’t send me to wowhead, the comments posted under that specific item about Bulwark not being part of the set are mine.

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I took a look into this for you and I couldn’t find any known issues or could I confirm if the Winterborn Bulwark is intended to be included or not.

If you suspect that there is a bug involved here and that the shield should be included I would encourage you to report this as a possible bug.

Those reports will go directly to our Quality Assurance and Development team, if this item was indeed intended to be included with Arsenal: Winterborn Weapons, they can then work on developing a fix.

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Thanks for the reply. I already reported this as a bug since there’s no other known possible source for the item.

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hi did you finaly get Winterborn Bulwark ?

I would also like to know what is happening with this shield. Its a bit silly that we cant have the whole winterborn set as shield wielders.