Wintergrasp bg

something really needs to be done to make attacking on this bg more viable… that is all.


So much this, offence on WG is so underpeforming and defence is waaay to easy with the non cappable work shops, can just sit in cortyard after first tower fall and burst kill any tank as soon they enter from offense and as soon they reach the wall, they are dead.


Aye this bg has potential to be a real thriller.
Instead people leave on start when they see they are attack…


I hope this small indie company will do something like reduce the health of walls within a year or two.

They just dont care about bgs. At all.


The problem is getting 20 players to all do the same thing, which is impossible, unless you are horde it seems.

I just take the 15 min deserter debuff now if I get attacking. really no point.


For good reason though, it’s a loss in 9/10 games because the defence is way too easy to maintain.

I have yet to see someone win as attacker side

We lost earlier today

Started 27v40, they got vehicles up and defence does not even have catapults.

Usually the way it goes, either early snowball or 25 + minutes of zz

Games last 40 minutes so there is plenty of time to attack. There is no way defenders should lose a base so quickly unless no one is bothering to even try.

I agree. Unless the defender does the exact correct sequence of even successfully they’ll 100% lose unless the defender totally drops the ball.

It’s easy to snowball if one side has rank and the other does not, defence having access to rpggs in castle workshops is a heavy advantage but still I have seen this situation play out for attack maybe 10 times with the other 100+ being defence wins.

Taking towers down reduces timer by -5 minutes per tower but it’s still long and often is one sided to defence unless the attack does well immediately, otherwise it is just stacked against them.

It’s the single worst BG for me easily, it could end if attack holds no towers at all for 2 minutes but often you get to that point and it will continue for 20+ minutes as a stompfest.

It’s worth taking deserter for this due to time length and then not everybody wants to pvp in these vehicles and spam 1 2 3 all game also.

There should be a blacklist. It is ridiculous how many players on both side take deserter eqch game, this is giving longer ques and is just a big inconvinience.

I have more games where a side is over 10 players down than attackers win.

Been like this over a year, often I swap character when it pops and it’s so stupid to repeatedly get put into the same game (8 characters I got in to the same game once).

Why no blacklist? Yes we can que specific, we can litterally forsake most rewards to cut out one epic bg, this is what some of the epic bg groups do anyway.
It is just such a waste of potential and a complete time-waste for many players.

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I agree this is by far the worst epic Bg in the pool either fix and balance it or bring back the ability to blacklist two bgs


When did you have the ability to blacklist battlegrounds?

2 or maybe even 3 expacs ago. Sadly they removed the option.

I dont que for EBG for one reason and one reason only. Wintergrasp.


It must be removed from ebg queue until its reworked. The current state is an insult to the casual/pvp community.


Wintergrasp is the only bg i queue for after winning the EBG of the day.

They introduced it with WoD or Legion not sure anymore ad removed it at the end of Legion start of Bfa if memory serves correctly. It was a really enjoyable quality of life feature that also meant some BGs like AV rarely saw play.

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I rather not play the same two maps over and over again. Nothing wrong with how it is now,