Wintergrasp - is it possible to continue?

this post is about what happens in wintergrasp, for those who attack, it is currently a bg in which you lose more than half an hour and the result is always the same. Defeat for those who attack. Is it really that difficult to make changes to this bg to make it more fair? So that people can enjoy a little pvp without feeling frustrated by what happens inside? Does blizzard really care about this ???


It’s PvP, so what do you think…


I remember back in WotLK when I couldn’t buy gear from the WG vendor because it was held by the alliance for weeks. That must’ve been like 12 years ago and it barely changed.

I doubt it. Been like this for over a year.
I doubt it is difficult at all, even blacklist we had previously would be a huge aid and would probably save thousands of deserter debuffs a week from this.

No, they don’t care. If they cared then the state of PVP as a whole wouldn’t be the PVE scrubfest that it currently is :frowning:

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They keep ruining BGs. Strand Of The Ancients was amazing assault type BG put they could not put indicators for bombs to pick up etc. because people never picked em up and used them against gates. It was super fun BG. It got removed.

Deepwind Gorge was really good BG there was so much you could do there. Now its changed to AB copy and people are just confused and fight between bases.

Defending WG is too easy I agree, but its also about wether ther random team is interested about winning or just having fun HKing enemis down. You cant force them to do objectives.

Since defenders have big advantage, i suggest a small and easy change on this bg to make it more fair or atleast give the attacker a chance to win.
Reduce the walls HP by half or more, so we dont have hit walls 1014913 times to destroy them.
Do you have more sugestions?


Yep, cannons on the keep shouldn’t respawn too, or if they do, the timer needs to be extended.

Potentially, the defending vehicles needs to be reduced in quantity or health (or damage output) - like eight vehicles from just the base alone can adequately defend the base (but this might be part to do with wall health).


From another topic, either reduce the time (re)spawner of the turrets or demand more time from defenders to get the workshops at start


Why Horde always get the attack duty :disappointed_relieved:


The Line of Sight from the RPGGs is also a problem…often i cant shoot because it says “not in line of sight”, even when i standing on high ground and have nothing between me and the tank.

And maybe they should put them also on the sunken ring and broken temple workshop. Only having them south makes them nearly useless because it takes too much time to allways go south and pick new rockets.


IF first charge fails simply 7afk and sit the 15mins. Saves more time and nerves than palying it til the end.

And lower the range on the keep cannons, they can literally fire right into the right side Workshop which is severe overkill

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Honestly this BG has to be removed, wasted 3 hours and cannot do my daily epic bg because of guess… 3 times attacker in wintergrasp = 3 easy lose. This BG is completely unbalanced ! + 90% of the community can agree with me, so if we are paying for something and arguing about that why Blizzard are closing their eyes on it ? Should be straighforward fix, just remove it from the BG rotation or fix the god damn unbalanced BG.

Changes to Epic BGs, a step in the right direction atleast when it comes to WG.