Wintergrasp need redesign

Currently we are sitting 40vs20 in wintergrasp, we have destroyed all towers and hold 20 tanks vs 0 …22 min on the clock and nothing we can do to speed up our victory. This cant be intended. We are not having fun, and the farmed alliance most certainly aint either. Why not adjust it so capping all GY’s reduce time or end the bg?


Problem is how one sided the map is when people actually decide to use two brain cells, also the map was designed with the server in mind. So the people would have to go there manually to enter, so it wasn’t immediatley a 40 vs 40.

The problem is that it’s counted as an epic battleground. We have only one battleground that is truly epic, Alterac Valley.

I literally can’t queue to random epic battleground because if I don’t get Alterac Valley I just end up getting locked out of battlegrounds for 30 minutes.

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This is literally low quality gameplay from the Alliance.
You’re complaining that you’re at 22 minutes with 20 tanks vs 0?
AND you destroyed all towers?
I HIGHLY doubt there were even TWENTY Alliance then.
Did everyone rush their towers while the walls defended themselves?
Never seen Alliance lose that bad.

First fight win that map.

Thats why I never queue.

You’ll never get [Master of Wintergrasp] acheivement without queuing.

lol you :slight_smile: didn’t know u would write on forums. Do you ever win against my premade on 10v10 and 15v15? (yakari-frostwolf)

joking old friend.

yiks indeed treu do pls blizz imput surrnder buttom

Groda is my old friend , he never surrenders on any bg. He has the blood of genn greymane. Even very bad losing he puts his effort on every bg. You should do the same trapeye.

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