WM for horde is broken


Benediction is also my character. just swapped the posting character at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trying to artificially create “more ppl” for support ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Multi-boxer!


perhaps !!!


But anyway the games main problem right now is not WM or anything. its the fact that blizzard made alliance as a faction so unappealing for the majority of players with their awful storytelling, and horde is just outnumbering the alliance by a huge margin.

But i just cant understand why blizzard has to fix stuff by breaking the balance of the game. they should just remove the %bonus completely and find a different way to balance WM so that every1 will be happy. Or just simply make the FPs uncampable. getting ganked by raids in WQs is not annoying, u can just avoid them. but not being able to land on a FP w/o insta dying is just bs.

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You said that balance is broken, and then that Blizzard is breaking it. So if it’s broken the one way, why is it bad to break it the opposite way? Seems like exactly what was needed.

Anyway, I think the whole thing about %+Quest complains from Horde is:

  • We want same bonus and quest/reward, jealous, but we also understand that for majority of Horde to turn off WM - probably would never happen or going to take a long long time. So if I can’t have it, it’s not fair, and they shouldn’t have it ether.

Everything else, like imaginary outnumbering by Alliance, some rare situations that portrayed as “all the time”, etc, - it’s just made up excuses in addition.

Alliance outnumbered by Horde overall in WM = Alliance get’s bonus and quest to increase participation. Additional incentive. And it works.

If ether Horde drops from WM enough numbers, or more Alliance turn it ON and numbers even out = nobody will get extra bonuses. Unlikely, but still possible - Horde could drop even more numbers from WM, and you’ll get a bonus and quest, as an incentive to turn it ON again.

I would love to have other incentives - like Conquest as a currency and PvP vendors, so War Mode provides ability for character progression. But it’s probably not going to happen even in 8.2, if ever.

What I like about % bonus and quest - is how fast it changed so many players minds that War Mode is worth of their time. You can like it, or don’t, but it clearly shows that rewards work, and it’s good.

Those rewards are not even big. 1 item from a very limited pull of items for a weekly quest, 370 ilvl that you can get from so many other easy activities. I don’t see how it breaks anything. Or 30%, yeah, even if you’re a mythic raided and need to farm that Azerite lvl before raid opens… but it’s only for WQs, nothing else, not even emissary rewards. Won’t help much with IE spam for AP anyway.

So what all this whine about?


Before the alliance incentive, I tried wm on, and there was a party of 5 horde patroling between flightpath and azerite worldquest. Now it’s just the other way around. How can you possible balance this?
We had pvp servers before, and it worked perfectly, alliance and horde questing next one another, and the occational pvp. Somehow that rarely happened with wm on for alliance before the incentive

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These whine posts are getting boring now. You outnumber us yet still complain about being ganked. Yes alliance now are in much bigger numbers ganking left right center, that’s world pvp unfortunately, before 8.1 doing an azerite WQ was painful 10 horde to 1 ally, I wanted to go gank and PvP, I’d finally find 1 horde alone then he’d run off into a group of horde for help. Now you can’t do that it’s just constant whine


It’s hilarious how it wasn’t a real problem according to horde players when alliance got ganked 20v1 before the patch. I’ll give you the same advice horde was giving out before:

  1. git gud
  2. group up
  3. it’s world pvp get used to it

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I do sympathize a bit with horde on this one, it’s not fun for them at all. But then again we were sitting in their seat just a month ago.

I guess noone wants anything else then a balanced warmode… So what stop all these blood elves rolling alliance to even out teh scales a bit.


The fact that alliance is still getting 30% bonus means that there are way more hordes than alliance. The change was done, to give incentive to horde players to join the alliance. Once a lot of horde goes to alliance. The WM bonus will equal and there will be balance.

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Yes, the only solution to make factions even is to give reasons to majority faction to swap in to minority faction.

There isn’t any other solution and people need to a aknowladge this. When the faction balance (population wise) will be restored, we can talk about removing perks and making the bonuses go away.

Horde has advantage in numbers. To balance this Alliance gets advantage in rewards. So while the horde can create groups and raids to acomplish their goals faster (Or they even often don’t have to do that), the Alliance gets more rewards.

So in general it should work that the time spent/rewards ratio should be similar.
If it is so, I don’t know. But the main purpose is to balance faction numbers in wm, which works surprisingly well as there are more Alliance in wm than ever.


More horde tears about problems, that were mostly alliance problems before 8.1. Only advice horde players would give was to get good or turn WM off. Now, that we have good carrot on a stick, to get alliance to pvp, its suddenly unfair, when for a change, horde gets ganked by organiseds groups. And bonus is here only because you still majorily outnumber us. I should also start making screenshots of horde raid groups, but honestly, both factions do that. You probably dont even think about all those moments you yourself killed lone alliance player together with 4+ of your own faction.


With the key difference that Horde didn’t have an added incentive like Alliance does now.

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It’s working better now, but Alli still disadvantaged with LFG. If H become outnumbered, they get the extra, fair.


male blood elf complaining on alliance players.

usually horde only “wpvp” is in groups of 20. i guess there’s a big satisfaction in 20v1



The whole idea of this is to buy the microtransactions. Faction change. Have nothing to do with the alliance/horde ratio. ( i’m gonna get suspended again )


Personally I think it’s great that more alliance are joining WM before it was rare I’d see 1 alliance let alone a raid of them and now I’ve been having some real too and fro fights with large groups of alliance more and more often, fair fights or not the fun factor out weighs the 30%, 10% or whatever bonus for me.

I think WM is one of the best things introduced in BFA.


See, I’ve had the exact opposite experience. Before the 30% there were barely any Alliance and it felt crappy, now there are plenty of Alliance around me but barely any Horde and it feels equally crappy. I’ve yet to run across even a remotely balanced shard (I think they are called) where one side just doesn’t outright outnumber the other 10 to 1. I guess that isn’t a condemnation of the Bonus system but rather the Phasing system.

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It’s LFG that unbalances the shard. Horde have larger pool of WM players EU, so you actually have a nice advantage with LFG. The purpose of the extra bonus is to increase outnumbered faction in WM EU. It has helped, but Alliance still disadvantaged with LFG.


So basically the LFG is messing up Horde AND Alliance if they’re playing solo.