Wondering what Legendary to Upgrade

Good day/evening, Priest players. I am an intermediate-level, learning Healer who switches between Discipline and Holy based on content and my mood. I have leanings towards Discipline, but only because I want to learn that spec the best I can, and take all chances of experience. I play Holy all right, am well familiar with its toolkit, but just don’t find it as fun as Discipline (not to say I do not like it).

I am no Mythic raider, I have no steady group for Keys, and my goal for this season is only Ahead of the Curve and Keystone Conquerer.

At the moment I have 3 Legendaries: Clarity of Mind (Rank 1 on Chest), The Penitent One (Rank 1 on Feet), and Flash Concentration (Rank 3 on Wrists). I find it easiest to dip into Keys than raids, as Discipline. But I still am confused on upgrading which will give me the most value out of my Gold and Soul Ash. I have not enjoyed Flash Concentration gameplay in Raids, and have picked Harmonius Apparatus to be my next Holy Raid Legendary. I have the effect, but not an armour part with its effect.

There is also an additional issue, where I want to learn Shadow to join in with guildies when they need not a Healer but just a DMG player, but it’s going to take me a while to learn that spec - I have Talbadar’s Stratagem Legendary effect waiting in the wings for that.

Since I barely have Gold to throw on base parts, found crafting higher ranks extremely expensive (for me), and don’t have extra sources of Ash outside of Torghast, I want to be very careful with what I upgrade. The juncture I stand at has me the most muddled, because I wish to do content at my level with better ease as soon as possible. I don’t want to lag behind on upgrades, since among my sets my 190 Legendary slots have the lowest Item Level now.

Sorry for the long post. My question is, given this context, what Legendary do I upgrade or make?

The one with the coolest transmog.

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I forgot to mention that I also have the option to make the Twin Power Infusion Legendary…

I wouldn’t recommend crafting the Twin Priests. I use it as disc in m+, but outside of that it’s a backup legendary for when I don’t have what I want for specific content.

Honestly, I’d suggest Talbadar’s if you’re considering going shadow, but if you’d rather heal then craft Harmonius Apparatus and look for a guild that just wants a healer.

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Thanks. :blush:

I got the same question basically, I play only holy, but:

Flash Concentration
Harmonius Apparatus

My gut feeling says the 2nd one. I saw the vid of Madskillz talking about the first, not sure if that will remain fun to play. With the 2nd one you basically use more abilities = more fun, but I also think it keeps your HWs activate more and you basically get rewarded for using a lot of your skills.

I take it it drops on lfr? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it drops from the LFR. Harmonius Apparatus Raid Drop: Sire Denathrius

Flash Concentration Dungeon Drop: Grand Proctor Beryllia

Appreciate it, I mostly do M+ (or will do, I just started). I am really unsure which lego to take. My gut feeling says HA, since I get to use more skills for my HWs.

Any thoughts?

Playstyle is important. For m+ FC changes the play style but adds nothing to dps.
DI does help dps and increases healing. Harmonius Apparatus helps with the AoE healing. It depends what healing you are doing the most for your playstyle.

You can try a lego out and see. Or sim your build on ask mr robot and try different lego’s. Pick the one that suits yourself.

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Appreciate the help.

Saw a few guides on youtube, and I’ll probably not end up in keys higher than 15-16, since I haven’t yet found a push group :smiley:

I guess one lego makes you use a heal you otherwise wouldn’t be using in M+ (heal), that one I’d use in raids in “quiet” moments, to save mana.

I main resto shaman (since forever and a day, not just now that they’re considered one of the better M+ healers), but this healing spec comes very close 2nd as in favorite healing spec.

Playstyle indeed matters, on my shaman I use an un-usual playstyle I would say, but it works for me. I guess I would like to have more use of my HWs, I also like Holy Word “stun” a lot, being useful as well, since I don’t have interrupt, but I can stun :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re only focusing on m+ then you absolutely need to craft FC. Don’t waste your Soul Ash on HA because it’s just nowhere near as useful or strong in an m+ setting.


FC is the only legendary that really pushes your healing in combination with ToL. HA just doesn’t have the throughput.
Don’t bother with Divine Image, it is too lackluster in an M+ enviroment. Just imagine it not proccing while the group takes massive damage to the pride affix.

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Prove that statement is true? Really prove it, not I did x or y. Or other dumb nonsense.

Reason with the same gear in sims +15, ilvl 206.

9,658 HPS DI
2,631 DPS DI

9,650 HPS FC
2,514 DPS FC

Why are the rest equal as well?

9,449 HPS Harmonious Apparatus
9,321 HPS Twins of the Sun Priestess
9,310 HPS Vitality Sacrifice
9,319 HPS Third Eye of the Jailer
9,401 HPS Measured Contemplation
9,232 HPS Stable Phantasma Lure

Please explain why these two builds, 100% the same gear but change in lego. Are both the same in healing.

If this gear set removes DI and has no lego. Then this is the hps and dps.

9,322 HPS Std Dev: 458 why is FC only 328 hps higher? Could it be gear build is the most important factor?
2,538 DPS

Why is this gear build without a lego equal to FC? The diff is about 3.5%.
Now if I look at a raid log of healing LFR with massive overheal. DI gives 2.17% healing.

If I add that 2.17% to the no lego build I get 9,524.2874 hps. This still makes DI equal to FC. This should be enough doubt to force you to prove solid proof. Note all builds are within each others SD.

Overall HPS has literally nothing to do with why they advised against DI…


Why is nobody who is running high keys bothering with DI if it’s so “good”?


See appeal to popularity fallacy.

This is a fallacy that occurs when something is considered being good, true, or valid solely because it’s popular. The reasoning goes like this: “Everybody is doing X. Therefore, X must be the right thing to do.”

It applies to not using it as well. You can never get away from having to prove it.

This is irrelevant, because your counter argument didn’t even tackle his original argument in the first place.
Overall HPS has nothing to do with why you don’t want to use DI in m+, the reason it’s not recommended is because it is unreliable.

Bolded the actual argument for emphasis, sims/HPS has literally nothing to do with this. The goal of a healer isn’t to do as much HPS as possible but to stop people from dying, so if two things do similar HPS one can clearly be better than the other.

Although I do question how accurate to actual gameplay AMR is… I decided to sim my holy spec in a +15 and for some reason there were 14 average player deaths? I’m not sure why this should even happen at my ilvl under normal gameplay unless either myself or the party are doing something seriously wrong.


Nonsense. As there is no evidence just disagreement is enough to enact burden of proof. Prove FC is the most powerful lego for m+. I even went further to show there could be problems. That many other Lego are very close to its value in sims. The sims clearly “atm” shows DI as powerful and adding greater dps at no lose in hps. Given the the SD is approx 400 and other legos can be found in this range.

How did you prove FC was more powerful?

Given the low 300 hps in difference between some legos how did you account for factors that might lead to influencing the result?

I could show a graph of truely how close the lego are from the data I gave above but I would not be able to post it here.

Unlike you I actually play on a level in m+, where you can notice extreme differences in the power of legendarys. And you may be right that DI has more HPS.
It is not reliable. I can not control when it procs. Does it proc when everyone is taking massive damage because of Prideful? Nobody knows and if it doesn’t proc on +17… yeah well it is a wipe because Flash Heal a) cost too much mana and has b) not enough throughput to heal everyone. Same goes for Prayer of Healing.
This is the issue with DI. You cannot control it and that makes it worthless. FC is 100% controlable and provides the necessary output.

This is not about HPS. This is about always having the througput to heal the group. And DI just doesn’t have that.


Personal experience is basically the lowest and most unreliable form of information. I have shown that a gear build without FC or any lego can be within FC’s standard deviation. This undermines your argument before it was made.

Approximately 68% of the data is within one standard deviation (higher or lower). These two means have SD’s that overlap each other. This means many of the experiences will be the same for both items.