Worgen Update? hello? when?

Female worgen have been a disaster for nine years.


But some people like Chihuahuas…

You are expecting too much from a team who thought releasing a blue void-addict race of Blood Elves would appease the High Elf crew.

I don’t care about their dance etc, just when them updated xD

It’s not so much that the females have a chihuahua look to them, but rather the fact the males don’t and as such they look like a different race.

I mean who accepted the design? The females have big eyes with pupils but the males have single colour animalistic almost dragon-like eyes.

Honestly player races shouldn’t have eyes like that, as more human eyes are required if you won’t the complex expressions in the new models. It’s precisely why the updated Tauren has a slightly softer look-- because it’s just required if they want them to be as well animated and expressive as all the others.

Personally I’d prefer they actually changed the male eyes to be bigger and have pupils-- or perhaps better have an option for that.

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Some people are wrong. Female worgen are unacceptable. The model wasn’t even finished and has several bugs about its textures and animations.


I know, but they could at least do a backflip like their jump animation like the good pupperz they are?

I’d clap and give them a treat each time they do.

I’m not gonna lie, even with updated models worgens will always look bad in armor.

The sooner they add them, the better, although I’d rather have them later finished and polished, then being added too soon in a bad state.

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I generally find that to be true for most races, as in anything not having a standard humanoid body.

They really should unhunch the body as they did with Orcs. The female doesn’t do that, and neither did the original worgen models.

Frankly I think Blizzard realise it was just a bad design in pretty much all instances, with exceptions like Undead and Trolls (the female Troll should also be hunched but they changed their minds presumably to make people want to play them).

Honestly I would prefer Undead upright but I can accept that as a sensible artistic choice.


Yeah, the original Worgen models were a bit haunched but not that much, so if they would keep it similar, it’d be better. They can always add the same option, that they gave orcs with straight/haunched back.

Female trolls should have been haunched, but oh my, that model looked really, really bad XD . I am glad that they made them with straight backs.

I would love Chinese Forsaken model with far less visible bones, it looks way better rather than giving them straight posture, which is really fitting for them imo.

The vanilla Worgen were “Horde material” if you ever saw it.
Sadly, they had to take down their viciousness a step for make them work in the Alliance, almost neutering what made them interesting.
Now, they’re nothing more than furry humans were story is concerned.

When my guild first raided Uldir and saw the war matrons we joked “Death by snu snu”, the alpha female trolls looked along those lines, but they would probably eat you after as well.

Careful, it’s a slippery slope, next they’ll ask for Nath looking humans, and at that point they’re just gothic Humans on the Horde.

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Did not know about this and had to google “WoW Beta troll female” Thank you for the nightmare fuel…

I hope it happens soon :smile:


Sorry, but you were warned, that they were really horrendous XD

The Chinese models do not look like regular humans to me though, so I would not say that it could not be used as cause for more demand on adding Nathanos-like Forsaken. The reason, why many players would love to see this added to the game is that they look way more realistically, because all the bones of current models going through the armour etc are quite strange.

Anyway we might see Lightforged Undead on the Alliace side, which would use the Nathanos/Derek PM model.

No. Simple as. They’ve butchered their own lore enough for one expact, the whole idea of lightforged undead was honestly BS to begin with.
You can’t throw away decades worth of development where light/undead is concerned.

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I don’t see a problem with LF Undead, yeah, they seem really strange at first sight, well even after that X) , though they are not against the lore itself. “Nature” raised undead would be BS, but as much as it can be painful for LF undead, they can exist. Think of it as really powerful ressurection, when you have to become “vessel” of the Light for it to work.

Anyway I have to admit that I am not a great fan of the concept, I just can’t really decide how to feel about them.

That pretty much sums up my feelings for BFA’s story.
One retcon too far.

I won’t start to ramble but I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of undead from various sources coming next expact or whenever they fully dive into the death and life aspects.

I think that the next expansion is gonna be it, but I’d be disappointed if we got a pile of Undead races, one or two that is more than enough, if they would want to add any.

Realistically, it should of been done well before now. However knowing blizzard seeming to give it a Very low priority I 'd be surprised to see it out towards the end of the expan more than 8.2/8.2.5 change my mind blizzard