World Buff exploit incoming in Battlegrounds

  1. Form a premade, don’t forget to take some healers.
  2. Gather all World Buff (Dire Maul, Rend, Songflower, DMF damage buff, Onyxia/Nefarian/ZG when later available) and tell your premade to get a flask per person.
  3. Put everything in the Chronoboon.
  4. Tag Battleground. If you encounter a serious premade, don’t pop world buff because you risk dying anyway. If you face a bad premade that you know, or pug, use Chronoboon and destroy them like level 40 mob. Once Battleground end or when ennemy surrender, you can Chronoboon again to save your buff time.

Easy 95% winrate with random players.

dispells are instant ya know, seems like a massive time investment for very little return.

I already made a thread that Boon has no place in Classic and needs to be removed.

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