World DC/Soul of Iron

So you’ve just purged a few people with the world DC that just happened on Quel’serra. Bunch of us lost our Soul of Iron because the server decided to potato out.

Any chance of a compensation, bit of a kick of the nuts to have hours of work go down the drain because the server goes ham.

Yeah, many died in kingsfall too… i was flying in griphon and got tossed in the middle of ocean, drown meter didn’t disappear. So better revert this or many hopefully will quit SoM.

The rules state you must now delete your character.


Actually per HC rules… everything is fine.

Just the SoI going is bad, should be something to reroll back, 24 hours perhaps to regain the buff.

Likelihood is a few of us that were doing it aren’t going to go again when we lose the buff through no fault of our own, GW2 beckons.

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I mean it’s not really fine the ideology of HC is for your character to not die, even if they roll it back you know that your character has died even if it was not your fault. So if you get the roll back and make it to 60 you know deep down it was not a successful HC run. Whats the point then.

That made little sense. It’s in the rules re DCs

The battlenet just threw me off Kingsfall.

DC’s just hurt so much!

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