[World First] Iron Man on WoW Classic

Reminds me when I got to 60 on my Warrior in Guild Wars 2 without dying once for my Iron Man challenge in that game. Two days later, his pristine character sheet was tarnished by a death… by falling damage :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But at least I did it to max level first :wink:

To be honest, that’s no reliable proof. It’s easy to just remove the part where you died, if you really wanted to of course.
The advantage of retail in that case is that character stats do not lie about deaths :wink:

I actually canoot falsify my “past diffusions” on Twitch, if I modify the video it creates a new one with the changes that I’ve made and put it in a different section.
However, since I am keeping this character as a “trophy”, and do not plan to use it ever again (leveling toons on Gehennas right now), his stats will remain the same until Blizzard introduces the patch that includes the stats. I will update my post the day they do this.

Best of luck for this ! I sure had a really good time doing it, even though I had to delete quite a lot of characters, that still was a really enjoyable experience.


Congratulations mate!
I’m on Mirage Raceway too, as a troll hunter. I wish I could’ve seen you once during your process, to cheer at you!
Here’s to your next challenge!

What a waste of time! i would never waste my life like that on a sh**ty old game!

Gratz man! :smiley:

Want to add my gratz in there Ironphelecar
For all the doubters, this is legit 0 deaths.

What challenge are you gonna do next? :smiley:


Thanks a lot for the taking the time to check and confirm it, Tizaksul !
For now, I am leveling another toon on a PVP server and will try to hit the highest rank I can.
I will be looking into more challenges in the near future !

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Gratz dude, this must have required some real dedication and perseverance.


My name is Stone and I’m an admin for the WoW Challenges site. Currently there is no Classic API (we are waiting anxiously for it), so we cannot verify this data on our own.

The Ironman challenge is one that is measured beyond just deaths; I’m hoping that a blue could provide some statistical information for us? This should all be available in the statistics array.

  • Deaths (confirmed to be 0)
  • Uncommon+ gear equips.
  • Any Talent Points assigned.
  • Any Talent Tree resets.
  • Any professions learned (even secondaries are not okay EXCEPT FIRST AID - that’s fine).
  • Elixirs used count
  • Potions used count
  • Flasks used count
  • Healthstones used count
  • Total Killing Blows statistic
  • Total Kills statistic
  • Any dungeon bosses killed or dungeons completed.
  • Any raid bosses killed or raids completed.
  • Arathi was just released, correct? We would need to see if there were any Battlegrounds entered.

I’m hoping you can help us out with this so we can give credit where credit is due.

You can reach me on twitter AT StoneGrasp if needed for side conversations.



Congratz! such huge accomplishment.

Absolutely remarkable!! Incredible drive and commitment, well done :smiley:

Conjgrats! All that time underground clearly drives dwarves a little insane! :stuck_out_tongue:

What if enemy player kills you?

It was on a PvE server, it would be absolutely impossible to do on a PvP server

That’s just fantastic! I admire your dedication.

A death is a death. Don’t try this on a PvP server :slight_smile:

Arathi Basin has not been released. That is in phase 4.
Either way even if Arathi Basin was released, battlegrounds do not give XP on completion in classic.

In order to earn XP in a battleground in classic, you would have to do quests, like the ones in Alterac Valley.

OK world first 60, world first Iron man, world first beating Onyxia at level 1, so what? Will you get a prize or money?

You entered caves?!? I don’t have the time or patience for this challenge, but if I had tried I would have stayed well clear of caves…

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