World of Warcraft®: War of the Scaleborn Novel Available 7 of November!

World of Warcraft®: War of the Scaleborn Novel Available 7 of November!

Delve into the world of dragons from before the events of World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight in this exciting prequel. A new light will shine on the story of the war of the dragons and the impact it’s had on the very future of the dragonflights.

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ah there we go, a novel lol yay

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Whoever pays money to read more about Dragonflight lore can pay money for about anything.

For those interested, I’m selling air boxes.

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how much do you want?

Well, it’s pristine French air. And not some polluted Parisian air, no, it’s from the countryside.
That and delivering fees, I’d say 50€ per box is a fair price for what you’re getting.

You can also pay an extra 15€ for premium air that was specifically breathed in and out by yours truly.


Thank you for the reply, I will have to think about it before I give a direct answer.

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Free Audible trial.


So many of these novels should have patches à la the x.4-5 patches found in FFXIV which leads up to the next expansion…

The leadup to cataclysm, mop, wod… So much just crammed into books.

we are better off without a novel, to be honest.

I really liked the Illidan novel but the game pooped that up by not following up Vandel. he was the main dude that at the end of the novel had a mission to seek out and train new demon hunters.

all we got was an npc of him but he should have been the co-star of that expansion I swear. since then I gave up on WoW books, they are not WoW lore, just star wars legends.

Have you considered that we all find the story completely incomprehensible because of a lack of context? Context that no doubt exists in this book?

Why do you do this? Stop it with the books and just deliver a good in-game world, lore, and narrative. Gahhr.


i knew about this but still got really excited thinking it was the new expansion with a surprise release :frowning:

And in the end. In Legion there was literally zero reason to bring back Illidan. He came, showed us a magical butt**** his fans collected. Said no and vanished.

Everything could have easily been rewritten to never include him at all.

Why not. Especially if it’s very cheap, preordered for 10 Euro on Amazon for physical version. At least it’s some entertainment. Average fantasy about dragons, could work for couple of evenings. Somebody pays 50 Euro for Blizzcon bundle.

I might pick up the audio book to keep me entertained at work for a day.

I’m from Greece and by reading that i laughed so hard cause it reminded me a funny thing ive seen with my very own eyes back in Athens on 2007.
So there’s was a guy that was selling Small boxes that contained “olympous” air, and he had a price of 100 euros each for the Tourists …
The problem wasnt that , this action was fairly stoopid… But, that i stood there to see if an1 would get, and i saw some tourists bying it.
I would never forget the laugh this thing made me have, and thanks for reminding me.

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It’s pretty cheap on kindle. £5.99. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
A lot less than your air.

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