World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition

(Lynlarae) #90

I still have the old 5 DVD box from 2005! No way i pay once more for the same content LOL in a bigger box.

(Osangar) #91

I found my version of that when I was last home, it brought back memories.

(Lynlarae) #92

I have that and TBC and after that i think blizzard started the online shop never bought a physical copy.

(Osangar) #93

I am sure I have wrath somewhere too but after that all online

(Lynlarae) #94

oohh maybe from cataclysm/pandaria because i did not play wotlk.


I’ve been updating the list in the previous post showing the retailers that still have copies available for pre-order.

But, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I’ve fixed the poison slim… wait, I mean, we’ve got 15 copies of the 15 Year Anniversary Collector’s Edition that we’re holding a giveaway with.

For your chance to win, and for further details, check out the blog post:

Good luck! :relaxed:

(Osangar) #96

I am assuming that this question can only be answered by amazon but thought it was worth a shot here anyway but does anyone know if amazon will honour all the pre-orders? i.e. did they only sell stock that they new they would obtain.


Is this a joke?

Game hasn’t even been available for pre-order in Norway, and while waiting for any kind of local news it’s been sold out before you’ve even officially begun selling it?
Get your poop together and open for more pre-orders.


I am crazy searching for an online store to pre-order it with no luck :(:expressionless: :disappointed_relieved:

(Lynxanna) #100

It’s absolutely infuriating that you release a box like this out of the blue with no advance notice and in such small numbers that a lot of people - including myself - never had a chance to pre-order at all (I simply didn’t hear about it until everything was already gone), and even though the actual release date of the box is like six months away from the initial surprise announcement.

So clumsily and insultingly handled. Way to treat those who have been subscribers all the way back since 2005!

(Osangar) #101

I only heard about it when I read the furore on the forums about how the store had run out and I managed to get a pre-order one in from amazon.

The only reason I can think of the small numbers is that they were actually reading the forums which were filled full of posts about how no one plays this game anymore.

edit: My mistake, I misread the initial post as Blizzard didn’t announce the collectors edition until the majority of units had sold out rather than that the poster I quoted didn’t hear about it until after they had run out. My point still stands that I didn’t order mine until after hearing the furore on the forums as to how the EU store had sold out already.

(Lynxanna) #102

How do you consider my actual experience in real life as “not entirely true”?

This better be good.

(Anaisha) #103

Meanwhile, disgusting scalpers are selling it on ebay for more than double the price.

(Osangar) #104

My apologies, I misread your initial post and I have edited accordingly.

(Môe) #105

HA i saw two with 3x the price…
ya i’ll pass

(Osangar) #106

What I don’t get is why Ebay are allowing people to list items they don’t physically own on it’s site. There must be some kind of restriction against this much like there is against ticket reselling these days.

(Shumensko) #107

Why should they? Future deals are not illegal, so they’ll only be cutting their own profit.

(Osangar) #108

There are laws against selling things that the seller doesn’t have access to and I can see lots of angry letters to consumer affairs programmes as at this range it will be outside most of the credit card/PayPals refund window.


As i went to local Game store, was told that now Game is pulling out any physical copies for PC in stores (as was told before that it is still possible to preorder directly in store, sometimes you can just put your name in list for case someone cancels their order). Don’t know how it affects the online store, as did preorder recently Cyberpunk and Doom CE for PC


That is incorrect. They were aviable for couple of hours in the morning. They didnt sell out untill most people came back from school / work and noticed the promotion . That’s why people were being able to buy multiple copies for reselling purposes. Like with each limiter edition “you snooze you loose”. My assumumption why they sold out so fast is that they underpriced the ragnaros statue by at least 100 euro . If you compare its sizes and finish to other collectibles on market . That’s why they ordered so few copies of then