World of Warcraft concert

The music produced for this game for current and previous expansions amaze me, and it would be such an experience to watch a live Blizzard orchestra perform some of the musical art. Has there ever been, or do you think there ever will be a Blizzard WoW concert on tour?

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I found some live stuff on YouTube, you should look it up!
Not sure if it is anything official, but worth the try.

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You are right. most of the music in wow in excellent. I hardly ever turn the music off. The only music that annoys me is that glockenspiel goblin music.

A concert would be the bees knees. That would never happen where i live though.

A concert would be lovely. A proper orchestra concert is actually something everyone should experi nice at least once.

Just, pls, no Jaina’s song metal remix. That is cringewful.

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Curious that they never held one during Blizzcon.

I was about to say it’s not the market for it, but then nerds are more likely to enjoy it than anyone else.

They’ve had a whole orchestra on stage at BlizzCon performing.

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Damn I missed it that must have been quite the spectacle.

I’m not sure if I saw that this last BlizzCon but they had it at one of the previous ones. I left it playing in the background while I was doing stuff.

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Video Games Live is probably something you want to look up. They have attended a few Blizzard events to play music from our games and it’s always great to watch. :slight_smile:

If I remember right it was Gamescom 2018.


Found this one from 2017, you clearly have a better memory than I do :laughing:


Don’t recall it on the Virtual Ticket though… :frowning:

Please see above discussion :wink:

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I went to see an orchestra perform the music from Game of Thrones with my gf in Copenhagen’s Royal arena and it was really something special.
With the combination of music, videos played in the background and the on stage performances and effects, its really full a full package show.
To see World of Warcraft do something like this would be amazing and in my opinion the wow music is far better too


Thanks for that!

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