World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft release dates, news, hotfixes, and more in our latest update.

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Was half expecting the announcement of the next online presentation for xpac somewhere in march NGL.

I guess we need to wait for more for 9.2 at this point it’s probably 4-6 weeks away.

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why don’t you just admit you released classic as a excuse to slack on retail ?


Say what?!

Let’s not distort reality and omit the fact that the Nostalrius crowd pushed for the release of Classic WoW and were very happy to get it.

Or the fact that Classic development doesn’t really detract from Retail at all, because Blizzard aren’t exactly adding new zones or music or cinematics to Classic – because it’s Classic!

What you’re implying is pretty stupid. There are plenty of battles one can pick with Blizzard. This is not one of them.

The incessant pursuit of criticism turns into childish whining when it’s not founded in reason and reality. And it’s not befitting.

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In the article: join discussion in the PTR forum. Link goes to the us where no one can post anything from the EU.

Classic move

Also: no release date on your actual product only on classic stuff.
The community council was cleaned of critical voices from casuals and the discussions regarding dom sockets and some unimportant raid schedules on a test server is so out of touch with you major player base.

I’m wondering why your company is still running tbh. As a dev I would look for the next opportunity from a recruiter and take the chance to do something better


nah im afraid you just fail to see my point.

and im too tired of this to bother to explain it so nvm.

enjoy the wait.

Sorbeteis saw it too…

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You don’t have a point.

You’re just whining.

And it’s hard to argue the merit of that, so I understand why you won’t.

And saying that someone else is also whining is sort of a moot observation.

But you’re tired, I understand. :+1:

if thats what you think, that’s what you think …

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It is what I think. That’s why I wrote it.

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And then people wonder why blizzard is getting all this hate
when instead of releasing content for RETAIL where people pay them
they are more concern about e-sport bullsh…and some old school classic bullsh… :smiley:


It took me about 15-30 minutes to be able to post on the US forums. It is a bit of a faff to do so but it’s not exactly hard to do.

As for the community council, other than the one person who was removed for continuing to run a Discord server built around the fact they were on the council after having been told not to do so, any others that have been removed?

Anyway I hope you enjoy whatever game it is you chose to move to and that their forums are much happier places than here.

I do wonder why.

It’s a simple news post that links to an article where Blizzard just briefly summarizes what’s going on with regards to various areas: PTR, Classic, Retail, eSports, etc…

They regularly do this.

Why is that somehow a cause for getting upset?!

So first of all, then the people who play Classic are also paying for a monthly subscription just like everyone else.
Secondly, though not everyone may find the eSport tournaments interesting or exciting to watch, then some do. And it’s okay if it’s not for everyone. If it’s not for you, then you can just ignore it.

It strikes me as utterly infantile that the response to a fairly mundane news summary post from Blizzard is to get out the pitchforks and tissues. The community is not really conveying the image of being adults right now. Just sayin’.

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Of course it will get this kind of responce they don’t deserve anything else :smiley:
did you not get it?
they killed our GAME and now we are trying to kill their reputation
and from what i see it is pretty successfull


I’m more excited about the court process then MDI and hope the judges will get world first in defeating blizzards harassment policy


Rather melodramatic there. :roll_eyes:

And definitely the first time someone has told me that WoW is dead or dying. :roll_eyes:

It’s an infantile response. Blizzard could make a post saying that tomorrow is Friday and you’d all be sitting in your gaming chairs throwing a hissy-fit like a 12 year old.

It’s not befitting and you’re not getting anything out of it except look stupid.


jito is just blizzard most loyal guard dog, deep down they know what we are saying has some truth to it…

they just cannot make themselves accept it.

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I thought you were tired?..

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very tired.

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Evidently so.