World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft release dates, news, hotfixes, and more in our latest update.

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Spoiler: No release date. Nothing worth to read


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Play with the devs event today on PTR. Nice!

Yeah… go on the ptr as your most hated class and abuse the heck out of it to get the devs to nerf it. :joy:


10.0 announcement when? Pretty sure that’s all anyone really cares about.


Yep, SL cinematic is 2.3 years old now.

I was jebaited i tought they are going to tell us when we can play 9.2
this waiting is tsulong

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This post is a 10/10 troll.

Good job blizz

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They’re actually mentioning RaiderIO in that post?! What in the actual hell Blizzard?!
How dare you support that source of so much toxicity?!


The raiderIO was from where Blizzard stole the mythic plus score.

So they worked together… since end of BFA.

Getting a bit bored of the PTR tbh… Do you test anything yourself anymore? It’s been up for so long now and we still have no date :weary:

All QA got fired or did you forgot :3

Imagine expecting 9.2 release date. Do people even know how bad some stuff are out there?
Early march looks decent enough at this point.

Now imagine if we got some actual news, it would have been pretty nice. Are we that undeserving of it? And no, idc about design philosophy blue posts if the stuff created from it are simply not working.

Looking at the patch notes for these last weeks, it seems like they don’t have stuff to fix or change…
I’m not saying that’s true, i’m saying that they don’t seem to be working much. :confused:

That was pretty underwhelming. Still, kudos for more communication and news. It’s appreciated. :slight_smile:

You can’t even play the PTR properly right now due to bugs. There’s still stuff to fix.

its time you all came to realise that this game has been in maintenance mode since 2 -3 months into shadowlands.

exactly the same happened with Hots… updates got slower gap between new classes got bigger until there was none at all.

god forbid even hearthstone expansions have slowed.

I’m saying it doesn’t show in their work, not that there are no bugs to fix.

give the release date… clickbaiting?! come on rly