World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

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You refuse to fix the situation with one sided faction realms in Classic.
Why are you still posting about it? I am stuck with my Alliance on a 99.4% Horde realm. Am I forced to pay out another 25 dollars because you are too inept at handling these situations?


It’s nice to see you’re so on point fixing bugs for the world first race but GOD FORBID you fix bugs that go back months and years because who cares about those right.

Out of touch [redacted] upside down [redacted] flipped [redacted] bicycle helmets.


Wherever your adventure takes you, we’ll see you in Azeroth.



Why should they fix it if you keep paying a sub anyway and will probs just pay for transfer? If someone paid you to do nothing all day are you going to go and look for a job where you have to do actual work?
You are paying them whether they fix it or not and then you expect them to do work? I am honestly so confused. Are World of Warcraft players… this stupid?

Ahhhh these people that still hopes for fixes in the game to a developer who will not act on said fixes, unless the customer stop paying their continued sub.

It’s honestly a mystery.

‘‘Wahhhh, i want you to fix this, but i will still pay for the game’’ = no one is going to fix anything of your QQ you are crying about.

For ActivisionBlizzard to Act faster, vote with your wallet! not with your loyalty to the game or experiences!

If you do not vote with your wallet, you are literally talking to a door where all your pleas is just falling on deaf ears all the time!

I am so ready to go back to Azeroth.


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