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World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

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When is the next expansion releasing?

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They have already announced that we’ll get all the info on the 19th, so chill.


You want people to chill after such a long content draught? Maybe you should chill!


9.2 has not been out that long tbh…


You think this is long? You are in for a surprise then :rofl:


What’s 9.2? You mean the raid and daily hub? Wow, so much content, no wonder people are leaving the game every day, they must be sick of all the content :scream:

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Content is content even if it doesn’t please everyone.


Good communication, but I’d prefer to get this information on reset day, maybe with a sticky on top too.

don’t moan at me … im just saying you got what people are happy with…

if you arent happy, stop playing until they make better content.

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People, people. We’re not even 20 comments in…


there is no arguing with idiocy >.>


but i’ll keep playing the lack of content they give me!!!

u get what you keep paying for…


I think you’re a bit ambitious expecting a release date.

I’m just expecting an idea of what we’re getting next exp :slight_smile:


most likely be related to 9.2.5

i highly doubt they will do the 10.0 announcement with much information …

they will drip feed that crap to drag it out.

most of it will be found out by people digging for it before it even announced.

On April 19, the World of Warcraft development team will reveal the next expansion. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on and where your adventures in Azeroth will go next.


I have been kept extremely busy during 9.2 up until now. There has been alot of content to work through tbh. But I have completed the ZM achievements now.

Now I have a few days to wait until the Creation Catalyst opens, so I can make my last couple of tier pieces and I’ll carry on with doing M+ and my KSM mount, and a few things to polish off.

Then I’ll be done. 2 months being VERY busy… and I don’t even bother raiding.

I wonder how you have not found anything to do.


Gee, how dare the people not find the mobile game mechanics fun! They should be publicly lynched!

I settled for levelling all classes to 60 and doing some exploration and farming old instances for transmogs. Two months after I got back to WoW I still refuse to even research what “conduit energy” is, or where do I buy this item that gives me 40 Renown or whatever. I don’t care. I can find such BS with 5 intertwined systems (that are designed to hide the fact that they’re wasting your time) in 90% of all mobile games on my phone.

I miss the times before when all you had to do was to level your character and start grinding at 5-man heroics so you can do LFR. But I guess I am not the target audience anymore.

They did that in WoD and the subs plummeted to levels likely worse than what we see right now.

It can be argued to death if that was the actual reason.

I have known no less than 8 people who told me “I am quitting this PC Farmville lol” (the Garrison).

Mobile game mechanics?

I don’t understand what mobile game mechanics you mean. Have you played the game?

You can still do that. If you want to start running heroics and LFR, do it. But there is also other stuff to be doing as well.

Yes, I believe there is too much compulsory stuff to do. But absolutely none of the game play involved resembles anything like a mobile game.