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Hey Dev Team.

How about a Rating System for Myhtic + Players. Not only the Score but the behavior of everyone. You can open a Rating System for every Player in the Group after a Key was completed, or a few minutes after someone disconnects. I mean if some Player disconnect in 30 out of 100 Keys - they will be sorted out of normal random groups. Easy as that.

So every Player gets a Rating from 1 to 5 Stars from each of the other 4 Players - the average Rating will be your Score. Do this for a month, and we d be rid of Trolls and Idiots which would increase the quality of Mythic + 1000x times. Great feature with little effort to create.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help to implement this wonderful feature.


one annoyed random Player
drofl disconnecting rolling on the floor laughing

While i agree some improvements would be nice , idk if this is right way .

Imagine im gona rank my group .

Everyone did everything and it was smooth run .

I give healer 5.
I have 3 dps, one is meta spec that got all the PIs other is are off meta. Meta spec had 10k more overal.

Do i give them all 5? If yes then its unfair because meta did way more than rest.

If no then i screw offmeta even more .

Also those ratings are abusable

I could also spam som low keys for good reviews because i can solo cary those , will it be displayed on my high runs too?

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