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" Dragonflight Season 1 goes live starting the week of December 12, bringing a new raid, an updated rotation of challenging Mythic+ dungeons, and a new PvP Season."

So putting guilds under stress, because they want to raid, but the raid will open before christmas/new year. Plus the devs wont do anything, if something is broken/unbalanced for the first 3-4 weeks, because the devs are on vacation, because christmas/new year.
I have no idea, why you repeat the same start/mistake like in shadowlands with castle nathria.

This is a non issue for ppl without guild or dont want to achieve anything (and thats fine), but when the begining of the expansion is again shadowlands like…yeah…you will see more guilds die.
And before anything like “hey, you dont have to raid, its just a game”, would you be away and ditch at least 19 other ppl, which u spend time together to overcome challenges every week? Its just stress for raider and putting them under pressure.

Extra point: Blizz wants to put e-sport in the sections m+ and arena. Imagine letting your favorite soccer/football team play at christmas.

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blizzard postpone this clownshow before its too late. talents are unfinished and unbalanced
there arent even enough dungeons to do a ‘‘season’’ without recycling content!!!
release is too soon
this will be the nail in the coffin,. the 3rd bad expansion in a row


“updated rotation of challenging Mythic+ dungeons”

If anything season 1 should have been all Dragonflight dungeons!

Re-using dungeons that already had a m+ component and were played with Legion timewalking is challenging?

Warlords dungeons / Mists Dungeons with a m+ component doesnt cut it for me either, especially because these dungeons arent designed around m+ but around a philosophy of faster play (amount of trash mobs is way lower than we are used too nowadays)

And to be fair the chosen dungeons arent exactly well chosen. I cant imagine having “options” for your % of mob count in Temple of the Jade serpent given its layout and amount of trash mobs.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: layout is 100% linear, trash count can maybe be a bit higher but i still dont believe we will see a lot of exciting options for the mob count.

Finally Halls of Valor: huge nerfs already without proper m+ testing, 60-70% on abilities, or even removing some from mobs. The list on wowhead was literally 90% of the mobs with a change + all bosses. This doesnt look great to me after the messy start of Season 4 in Shadowlands when scaling / balancing of the old reused dungeons wasnt up to par with the rest.

As a player who played WoW since 2005 raiding and quitting raiding in early BFA, mythic + was what kept me playing. Although i never thought M+ would be enough to keep me playing.
New dungeons and their m+ difficulty was my main endgame activity since it got introduced in Legion. (Even when raiding on the side)

Each expansion was a nice new journey through all new dungeons in their new difficulties (normal / heroic / mythic and m+ expanding their difficulty / options to run them) with now only opening the 4 out of 8 new dungeons and reusing said earlier expansion dungeons you lost a long time player.

Timewalking did a great job for players to let them experience m+ variants of dungeons of old expansions, you could have expanded on that instead.

I just dont understand the reason for it.

Maybe season 2 could have been with older dungeons, i might quit over that for season 2. But atleast i would have paid for the expansion + a few months of subscription so by that time that i wouldnt mind so much.

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Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Not everyone hangs around with family 24/7 and is unable to play WoW in December.

WoW will already operate in “chill mode” for 3 weeks before the season starts. If Blizz would delay the start of season 1 to 2023 merely for the Christmas celebrating players, a lot of people would end up being extremely bored in mid December.


Guilds under stress?

I feel no pitty for the guilds who stress them selves cous of this. Enjoy the game, take it slow and do not stress seriously, just enjoy the game man

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and when a few do celebrate it from your guild? =) short sighted answer just to be contrary

then why are u responding, you dont raid (easy to see in your archivements)…its a non issue for you, thats fine, but there are other thousand ppl for which this is an issue.

but at least im able to raid in dragonflight…with the new m+ loot system probably the most raid guilds below mythic will die out, because you get better gear from trivial, repeatable content, which will be in pugs more toxic than ever before.

When a few do celebrate you either replace them or postpone guild activities till celebrations are over.

It is a game after all.

Unless your world first, just wait until after christmas then raid…?

blizzard ent atm :stuck_out_tongue:

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