World PVP on this server?

Hello there. I would like to roll a character on an RP server, and it turns out this one is the most populated one (with Hydraxian Waterlords being the least populated server on EU overall). However, I don’t care much for PVP, and especially not the “spawn camped by a max level while leveling” kind. How bad is the ganking? Should I just play on Waterlords?

From my point of view, when I leveled 52-60 past these few weeks, there have been just about 0 encounters with horde. Ok seen some bots running around, but nobody has even bothered to give proper fight, or actually start a fight.

No wait! There was this one lvl60 rogue in BRD who sapped me when I was going to LBRS when I was below 60, but since the group was waiting, I just scattered/trapped him and ran off to the dungeon (yeah shame on me for abandoning the fight :grimacing: )

Then running around with my lvl33 paladin has been very much the same. No ganks at all. Very rarely you meet any horde at all. Perhaps I’m just doing wrong zones… :thinking:

Anyhow, from my perspective it’s pretty safe server if ganking is what worries you.

Sure there might be few attacks per week if you’re really doing just questing in busy areas, but overall you won’t be looking at that much corpserunning, other than dying from mobs.

I’ll change that… MUHAHAHHAHA!


Bring it! :smiling_imp:

…but don’t expect too much from me, since I’m still badly geared :sweat_smile: Lvl52 green agi+stam chest from AH says hello… :laughing:

RP is confined to discord bubbles and guilds, the ganking isn’t the worst but there are players on this server that will happily spend hours griefing you with the convenient “PVP happened on a PVP server” to excuse their sociopathy. Most of the Horde are fair minded from my experience but they have plenty of well known griefers that pride themselves on bad behaviour. It’s no where near as bad as the more populated servers but there is plenty of OOClets, griefing and the general autists that will make your life hell if they get the chance.

If you’re planning on playing in TBC that too will be a filled with hardcore griefing & ganking since we’re going to get funneled in to the same zones, it’ll be a headache for the first four months until it dies down and everyone gets flying mounts. If you can make it work on Hydraxian Waterlords it’s honestly a much better time all round. Try Hydraxian Waterlords, get involved there and if you feel like it’s too slow come back here.

There’s no corpse or FP camping since BGs opened in Phase 2.
There’re the occasional gank squads (both factions) associated with raids, like the Naxx entrance, LHC, AQ gates or BRM (much rarer now).

You’ll be fine.

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