World PVP server capabilities in P2


There has been a continuously evolving issue in terms of server capabilities when multiple characters are at the same location and/or doing a lot of actions, such as world PvP. A huge rate of players are afraid of this and wondering if there is something going on to handle this problem on Blizzards side, as P2 is very close which means honor system and removing layers (?) (see dozens of reddit posts regarding this issue [1][2][3][4][5][6] these are just a couple that emerged today).

Ever since classic is live, even with layering, we have seen multiple streamers as well as experienced it in-game that the realms are clearly not able to handle more than couple hundred people PvP-ing at any zone. The lag is absolutely unbearable and the game is unplayable. We are talking about several seconds of wait time for a certain command. Sad to experience this from such company which has proven to handle much more players at its peak, plus we are in 2019, not 10-15 years ago. I don’t think it adds to the value of “classic experience” neither do I think that it is made on purpose, so please guys don’t even start these comments. Tech is far advanced, and even if it wasn’t, Blizz could just add more realms, everyone is paying for the game. Even private servers could handle larger volume of world PVP than the current classic realms.

There have to be some actions on Blizzards side! Wake up, we are way over the “you think you do but you don’t” phase. Months passed since launch, even more time since beta launch and people are still here. You made something great, listened to hundreds of thousands of people, you made Classic a thing, now don’t ruin it.

An other subject is faction specific character transfers. There are unbalanced realms, and full popularity realms. Playing on a significantly unbalanced realm greatly ruins player experience imho. Why is it not happening? This could aid the imbalance.


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can blizzard address the issue?


I’ll stick to my solo / group farming of players


I wish to share my story, which is not even PvP lag, but simply a populated layer, with 3-4 guilds waiting for the Onyxia Head buff to drop before they go to raid, in Stormwind.

Once the head was popped the entire city had a 3-4 second lag-spike where mounts were running in place as everyone hurried to clear out.

This wasn’t even PvP, it was just the Alliance waiting for a world buff in their city. Yes, I’m aware on Ashbringer we ended up outnumbering the Horde, but imagine when we actually cast offensive spells and all those HP calculations have to be processed :thinking: so it’s not just a few raids reacting to a buff.


It was. Classic runs on the same Server Infrastucture as Retail, which is designed with Sharding in mind. It’s highly likely that setting up a separate server environment was not part of the Classic budget.


Servers used to fold in large wpvp events all the time


what about battles for World Bosses?


was way more stable before I remember huge PvP battles and the servers were better then this, sure some people lagged but that was PC lag.


On US forum they are worried too


What I remember is a ton of crashes.

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