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It’s surprising the fangs are coming out when people lose it at the sight of a login queue :open_mouth: The love vibe is totally going out the window atm.

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There was never a love vibe, just sensible hard facts. Grow up, kid.


That’s quite the cynical outlook, the forum here looked quite positive and eager to get in and play together :slight_smile:

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This guy is going places :roll_eyes:

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I saw Blizzard sending out a lot of warnings about certain servers being oversubscribed before the launch and advising players to try realms with more balanced populations! (This seemed super easy with the name reservation available). Most of the players posting from the lower and mid-population servers seem to be having very little difficulty at all.


PS: I’m currently sponsoring myself to become a MVP on the forums and would be SO grateful for the support of my fellow gamers!! :heart_eyes: :smiley_cat:


Facts don’t care about feelings. Lol ty for this, actually made me laugh after 5 hours of frustration.


Nice they restarted the servers and fixed nothing because the ‘World Server is Down’ problem is back up again. 10/10 launch


Did you miss the asterisk after “smooth as possible*”?

the disclaimer is for NA only


True haha!
Although, if you went on twitch 45 minutes ago, half of the streams in the WoW section were stuck in the login streams.


Who hurt you man? Its 6 hours since launch, how can you be mad?Go to sleep and start over


Had a great time last night. Cant wait for more tonight! :blush:


Honestly, if you people get this upset about queues then maybe you should’ve paid more attention to the forum.

They made a sticky about overpopulated realms and urged people to reserve names on the new, low pop realms way before release in order to get a smooth launch, so if you failed to move, you can only blame yourselves.


Yeah it’s the players fault that Blizzard created 2 servers at launch during name reservation day and didn’t add more until nearly a week later, leaving everyone to pile into those two servers.
5head move.

Edit: I was originally on Shazz, FOLLOWED their advice and went to Firemaw so that didn’t help at all. Just like the pepegas on low pop realms claiming that the launch was smooth and how much fun they had.


why on low pop realm and medium everything is smooth

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You people never ever ever learn do you? But you always always always complain. Release Day is a mess


Is this your first game launch? I’m assuming it isn’t, yet you still rolled high pop and yet genuinely still seemed surprised :smiley: How is this possible hahah

Any game seeing enormous numbers during a launch day is going to see considerable issues. Blizzard warned of this, countless times, you ignored it all and proceeded blindly.

I had a 20 min queue on a med pop and 0 issues once logged in. No disconnects, just awesome nostalgic gameplay!


Point is it shouldn’t be especially after such a long and arduous release process.

Warning people before hand that the launch might be bad does not mean that they shouldn’t be held accountable if the launch is terrible because they are ill-equipped/prepared (they had 2 whole years to prepare and a massive beta test).

You also seem to forget them implicitly saying “we’re going to take our sweet time with this so the launch is not a mess”[quote=“Ooò-draenor, post:26, topic:75524, full:true”]
You people never ever ever learn do you? But you always always always complain. Release Day is a mess


I’d say you were given plenty of time to move.


I am not on Shazzrah. I am on Firemaw herp derp.

I moved from Shazzrah precisely because of this.

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