WORST support ever!


Why is it that blizzard have made it harder and harder to post a simple ticket even? Have tried to open an in-game ticket 8 times now and it won’t allowe me to? Does Blizzard even give a single **** about it’s customers???

(Saneko) #2

Because people kept petitioning Support about things they simply cannot help with. And speaking about that: What is the issue you have? If you post about it without personal info, others may be able to tell you whether if it’s something Support can help you with or not.


My issue is not even beeing able to act open a < language > ticket! every box filled and checked still it won’t allowe the submitting of a ticket! and as for ppl opening tickets about stuff that blizz can’t help with it s < language > reason to make it as hard as it is to open a simple ticket or get any type of act in-game help!

(Ananda) #4

Have you tried making a ticket here - https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/product/wow ?

I can’t direct you any further as I don’t know what the problem is.

(Basyxqt) #5

Erm- i always opened tickets just fine. No problems at all.

Relax and explain what your problem is, the reason you want to open a ticket and what steps you are taking to open a ticket and maybe the community will help you.

And please fix your attitude.


Hello Zerthan,

Please be more specific as to what the problem you’re trying to contact us about is or we won’t be able to provide any guidance.

As also said above, if you’re getting any error message, what does it say? Are you trying to attach any files, if so, what type of file?

Last but not least, please mind the language used when posting on the forums; I suggest you review the Code of Conduct.

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