WoW against his "competitor"


8.2 has been out for a while now and I was able i think to flesh it out quite well.

Overall 8.2 is alright.

But it’s not for me, i don’t have fun when i’m playing WoW, I just see a grind that isn’t funny.

So after 2 years of playing I took a break, I love WoW, I always will, this feeling when i put my two toed feets in Durotar the 1st time just has it’s own feeling.

Although I had to check back FFXIV, and see why it did better than WoW ATM

And here is what I think about it.

1 : Leveling

WoW’s leveling is really simple, you dungeon, quest your way to max level it’s repetitive, and you don’t get much spells between your levels past 70.

FFXIV is repetitive too, and actually it’s not even repetitive if you do the MSQ’s.
I leveled a Black mage in 3 days to lvl 55 from lvl 1, 3 DAYS it took me 1 day & 13 hours on WoW from 20 to 110.

But I had fun in doing so, every x levels I had a new job quest waiting for me at first i wasn’t into the lore at all but I quickly got into it and it was amazing.

2 : Questing.

So WoW & FFXIV are quite different where WoW indeed has a main plot that is quite interesting FFXIV is just on another level, with a ton of battles which are small scenarios with a ton of cinematics where the opinion of your character has an impact on the dialogue, FFXIV overall from the beginning of A Realm Reborn has a TON of quest involving the main story, A TON, and you easily get transported into it’s story.

3 : Gameplay

Well I still don’t know which is better…

WoW feels a bit more dynamic the GCD has an impact yes, but FFXIV’s GCD is just absolute trash, it’s so annoying although FF has a HUGE variety in Classes. Each feels REALLY different my Crush is the Summoner as a Demonology Warlock I just had to.

4 : Soundtrack

Don’t have anything to say, they’re absolutly gorgeous in both game.

5 : Characters

Well WoW was really interesting before, but BfA ruined a lot of characters for me, and I don’t feel as attached to them as I am to the main characters of FFXIV.

6 : PvP

Haven’t tried FFXIV’s PvP yet.

7 : Housing

Even though FFXIV has a good housing, it has it’s flaws like having to wait in front of a sign for hours with the good amount of gold and the good company rank to buy the land, But it’s better than the nothing WoW gave us.

8 : Raids, I haven’t raided at High level, but I feel like WoW wons that one, the raids in WoW feels just so hard so complete with a ton of cool mecanics.

9 : Customisation

FFXIV for obvious reasons.

Conclusion : Overall I feel like bothgames are good, WoW ahs it’s flaws and it’s strengh so does FFXIV, even though i’m having a blast playing FFXIV it has a ton of flaws too.
All though WoW is also coming back with it’s new system “Party Up” that basically looks like FFXIV’s current Dungeon, sync system.
Both game have a lot to learn from Each other, WoW is far from dead, and so is FFXIV, and no matter what happens I’ll still follow both games.

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Personally i started a thaumaturge and didn’t find the story that engaging but i had to sit through countless cinematics and dialogues regardless, a bit excessive if you ask me.
One thing you didn’t mention and it’s the reason it took me ages to level is professions, something that WoW is really lacking.

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Only you can decide which game you want to play!!

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Don’t hold back, @Ragnaroast… give us both barrels.

“This is the Internet” aside, that’s a pretty harsh appraisal.


Is it? All the sub numbers and player counts i have seen floating around have been showing it still got less players than wow. I might have missed something ofc. But reason why it is so popular at this very moment is that it just got big expansion. I think we would get more realistic picture if we would compare player amounts on both games when expansion has just hit, or on time when expansion is year old.

That system is not unique to ff14 it has been mmorpg feature way before ff14 was even made and is still used on many mmorpgs. It is good wow also starts to use it, as long as it is optional.


Shadowbringer is a success, it bringed new players old players came back and the expansion is the best ATM.

While WoW Is losing subscribers yes it has more, but it’s fallin’.

And to prove it every city is CROWDED, truly it feels like Goldshire everywhere, people seein’ each other in the wilds help each other it feels alive.

I agree that was dumb from me to assume it was a FFXIV only feature

That’s legit the dumbest thing i’ve read in years.
And what are you some Cave Incel a Neckbeard ?


How many server does it have / sharding ?

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That’s actually the only intelligent comment here. FF is trash, it’s outdated, boring, heavily instanced and it has like 200k active subs, if not less.

People should really stop bringing it up here.

If you want to play a game in which every quest (duty) basically shoves you into an instance from which you can’t even whisper other people (lol, 2000 server design), is super alt unfriendly, is SUPER gated behind a plethora of boring quests, has invisible walls everywhere due to crappy zone design (can’t even swim in most zones btw) - FF is your game bro.

The FF weebs are really swarming the forums trying to push their game rather than playing it, I find it funny tbh. The WoW players who go and do the same on the FF forums are equally idiotic, mind you.

No it’s not, as per who’s criteria is it a success? The few thousand of diehard weebs who still play that game? Of course old people will come back for an expansion launch. BfA brought back 4-5 mil ppl back according to their sales figures, that doesn’t mean it’s a success or a good expansion.

And even BfA is better than FF tbf.


Then we should compare it for some succesfull wow expansion at launch honeymoon. But i think just compared to BFA which hasn’t been so big success there is still more players in wow even it’s not launch that there is in ff14 now on the launch homeymoon of “best ATM” expansion. Not mocking ff14 here just explaining why i wouldn’t call ff14 “doing better than wow atm”. Even on it’s worse wow is having more subs than ff14 on it’s best. Why not just say ff14 is doing great on it’s own bracket?

How crowded it is is based on completely how they handle maps. For example in GW2 maps are really full of players. No matter what event you go to do there is huge amounts of people there. This is because even it has it’s own servers they use megaserver system which fills maps untill they are full and then makes new. So people are not sprinkled around on random shards but they are constaly put together. I assume ff14 does something similar. And it is indeed very nice system (except for those who camp for some rare mob or such). If wow had same system, it would feel even more crowded than ff14 or gw2 i am sure. Unfortunately wow sharding seems to spread people more evenly.


Oh look !
Its the daily FFXIV comparison thread versus WoW

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Daily? More like hourly of late.

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Maybe theres a reason for it, maybe Blizzard needs to adapt a bit. And no I didn’t play that other game.


Activision doesnt have to adapt into this weeb game.
WoW was great before FFXIV was even an idea in the brain of those who created it.

There are some major things that IF Activision fix them , WoW will be solid tier 1 again.

(Unruly) #15

8.2 was a step in the right direction. They just need to polish class design, bring back PVP vendors and fix the gear progression. HOPEFULLY 9.0 or even 8.3.


I guess reason is that those who have hopped to play ff14 from wow have troubles to let wow go. While wow should always aim to add more mmorpg features and intersting things to do, i don’t think ff14 has anything unique there to be adapted from it.

(Hansmage) #17

Yes, lets invalidate a games features because it’s a weeb game. Features can still be good and ideas can be taken from other games.


Actually that thread was meant to be a critic from both game

I’m not pulling Wow or FF14, i’m just saying what I Feel it’s subjective.

I don’t even want to hear y’all talk about “but it’s a weeb game”

You have furries having BDSM sex in every inn of your damn RP realms that’s legit the same thing except that in FF they do it in their own Rooms / Houses.


Not always, unfortunately.

The Quicksand isn’t often dubbed “quickie sand” for no reason^^’


Last I heard it was actually doing better than WoW.

FF just is not appealing to me.
I like the classes and combat but the way it looks and the characters… I just can’t take them seriously.


Maybe you are talkin to the wrong person because est 2010 when i’ve started the game , i’ve never been in any kind of RP realm neither i had any of these actions you claim they happen in every inn.