WoW against his "competitor"


By that I mostly answered another quote, however by “You” I meant The community, and myself.

Check most of the RP realm and see for yourself.


The entire anime culture fetishizes pedophilia. Keep your deranged fantasies away from the WoW forums.


That’s Edgy lad.

I don’t care about Anime & stuff I just enjoy a game, just check your Local Goldshire and see how many pedos are in there before calling other games Pedo dens.

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Not edgier than posting about your clown fiesta game on the -WOW- forums. Get out of here with that crap and stop spreading your cancer. We don’t need a second Anna.

“Heard” where? Last I heard there were some people claiming the Earth is flat, but guess what…


As I said i’m writing a statement i’m not saying “Wow is terrible come ERP in that place in FFXIV which is way better AYAYA”

I’m saying “I feel like WoW is that and FFXIV is that”

Quit your edgy figure you’re embarassing yourself.

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Actually the FF posters on this forum are the biggest embarrassment. It’s pitiful really, but keep repeating the one word you seemingly learned over at FF - “edgy”.

I’m not sure you even know what that means.

Also why is a randomer with 2k AP who hasn’t even done 10% of WoW’s content assuming he’s even remotely qualified to compare the two games? Are you kidding me? I sure hope those are only character AP or I’ve got bad news for you there, bud.


Pass on final fantasy. Found it boring and super sexualised. Also FF is not a competitor in any sense with WoW. Nothing has even come close. They said the same thing about EQ2, Wildstar etc etc.

Numbers are not released for WoW sub but you are delusional if you think WoW’s subs are still not in the millions.


I’m saying you’re edgy because you act like a Teen, actin’ all “Wow this x stuff is so trash only the cool kids call other people disgusting weeb”

I cleared Jaina NM, did 7/9 Progress in Heroic.

I’m 7/8 NM ET

& 4/8 Heroic.

As I said I stopped Wow to play FF.

What the hell did you expect, you wanted me to be Method Katazzi ?
I won’t force my way through WoW if i don’t enjoy it.

Competitor is the term, If some random Indy brand makes some random Cola in a jungle it’s a competitor on the Market even though it’s not a threat.

As I said Never said that WoW Was failing I know that FFXIV has less subs than WoW.

ATM FFXIV has around 1M5 Subs

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Ah yes, “I stopped WoW to play FF” argument. And yet somehow rather than playing FF you’re here clowning around on the WoW forums. Are you Anna’s alt?

That’s literally the saddest part of the FF fanboy posting about FF on the WoW forums right here.

EhMegeRDDDD gUyZz FF is So MuCh bEttEr BuT InstEadD I’ll gO MeMEe the WoOW foRumS DUUURRRRR.

Call me crazy or “edgy”, but I am of the very humble opinion that only little pricks post on the forums of a game they clearly don’t play / dislike at the moment, especially to praise their new toy.


The thing is i’m not here to brag or to say that WoW is trash.

I came here to give my opinion as a WoW player.
Not to complain about how WoW Is trash.

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Why? The moment you stop playing WoW you are no longer a “WoW player” currently. What is the purpose behind this post?

I am 100% asking you seriously with 0 spite. What is the purpose? This is like a completely unwarranted WoW reroller from FF posting on their forums a “comparison” nobody asked for. It’s literally a bait for a flame war.

People who are on the WoW forums play WoW and like that game, they will defend it.

I am not even defending BfA, it’s a clown fiesta in comparison to good previous expansions. I would say the same to literally anyone posting something similar on the forum of any MMO. Be it ESO, SWTOR, GW2, FF or whatever.


There is nothing to defend, I am not attacking anything.

If you think i’m attacking WoW you don’t understand what i’m saying and thus i advise you to read again.

I am still subbed for a month.

I am still Actively following WoW.

I am a WoW Player I Play WoW, but ATM i’m bored if It so I play something Else.


The difference is all the other MMOs have died on arrival. FF is still going strong in fact their newer expansion has even doing very well for them.

I don’t think FF is bigger or better but a lot of people just seem to disregard it simply because others have failed.

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Again, source? I mean, where are you pulling those statements from? Because I’ve talked to at least five people who play FF and they are really disappointed with Shadowbringers due to the healer changes mainly and the new zones.


Weird I came on the FFXIV Reddit Discord a few days ago asked the majority of them how was ShB they all told me they had a Blast that Plot wise it was Amazing gameplay wise it was great, Healers did felt a lot of changes and some are disapointed by it, but a single negative change cannot doom an expansion.

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… Azerite anyone?


I mean Class changes.

Azerite is the main core of BfA, Healers are not in FFXIV.

They’re important I give you that, but removing changes for a class is way easier than deleting AP grind & HoA


I’m not going to append a bibliography to the end of all my posts, look it up yourself and counter my with your own sources that say otherwise if you gave an issue with what I say.

But I have spoken to hundreds of people on multiple websites and everyone I see is enjoying it.
I never heard a single thing about FF before this expansion and then since it came out it’s all I’ve heard about.

As for my other statement that said the other MMOs died and FF is still going strong, we’ll do I really need to source that? It’s pretty obvious.
When’s the last time you heard someone talk about Wildstar or GW2

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Because you have neither a source or proof, that’s ok. I can easily claim that I spoke to a THOUSAND people who all said Shadowbringers sucks.

Well, “a single negative change”, regardless of it being in the core or not, is often more than enough for a lot of people.

But you do you there, buddy. For a moment there I thought you were Anna number 2 here to just sh1tpost WoW, I was maybe wrong. I’ve played a lot of FF, tried getting up into it numerous times, there are just too many boneheaded design decisions imho to like it.

That doesn’t mean I am going to go on their forums and post a comparison to WoW or make it seem like WoW is so much better, I will get flamed and mass reported 100%.


You’re welcome to tell lies if that’s what you’re into.
I’m not on the WoW forums to tell tales just to discuss WoW.

Just a simple google for “Shadowbringers review” has hundreds of positive threads.