WoW against his "competitor"


I’ve heard a little bit of Anna, and yeah she’s, obsessed with downing WoW.

I’m Not WoW is an amazing game with great universe and even though it’s a bit in a special spot ATM, i still have hope for it to be better, and i’ll keep track of it.

FFXIV has been better FOR ME for now and believe me i’ve seen a lot of bad things in it too.

Some people will prefer BfA others FFXIV and that’s fine, jesus who am I to tell you that X or Y is wrong.

You’re not really wrong I can see why you can think that i’m here to say “Wow is bad come play FF”

Although I had no bad intentions regarding WoW or FF while writing it.

I hold both game in high esteem.


What if wow identifies as female? :thinking:


I have noticed that players of those other games are not so eagerly bashing wow in expense of the other other games. They might say “Oh this game handles this thing really well” but they are not trying to convince readers about wow dying. I think FF14 has must have a quest where player has to come to wow forums to start flamewar about wow being so bad and FF14 being so good judging by amounts of this kind of posts from that spesific game.

You are getting cranky replies from some because we have had lately lot of wow bashing posts from ff14 players in these forums and it has made many poster pretty negative about the posts about it.

No they did not. I play some of those and they are doing fine. Wildstar is exception, it didn’t quite die on arrival but it did go down very fast because of lack of content for non hardcore players. They tried to fix their mistake but people were gone in that point and didn’t want to go back.

WIldstar not so much because that game is shut down. GW2 all the time, just got 20 minutes ago message from friend asking if we (me and husband) will be playing seasonal event that started today tonight with him. Looking my messages with friends in general over different mediums most talked game is gw2, then wow and swtor and then some random games that come up in convo and go again.

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Yep, it’s literally tradition for people to come here and shove FF in our faces saying how much better it is. Anna might have been the most vocal one, but unfortunately she’s not the only one.


By dead on arrival I don’t mean servers taken offline, I mean being considered as a WoW killer.

GW2 was popular for a good while but after the initial week when people realised having no trinity system sucked it died.

ESO was not well received on launch.

I forget what happened to Star Wars but I clearly remember being online during cataclysm when it came out and everyone was saying WoW is dead and then a few days later everyone was back.

Black dessert and other free MMOs are well… free MMOs, they’re all pay to win.

What are you talking about?
Wildstar died because it only catered to hardcore players and went overboard with crap like raid atunements.


With respecto to customization, you should also consider available races.

FFXIV races are tremendously boring. They all look like some sort of humans with maybe a tail or pointy ears. The variety of WoW is by far not macthed.


Just imagine that behind all these characters who post ‘‘WoW must take notes from FFXIV’’ is that Hunter - Ãnna .

Im just saying …


The games i listed were ones i said were not even in the same popularity of WoW but still had a good following. I still played SWG with WoW when it fist came out. Even went back to SWG during BC. SWG was much smaller in subs but still a great game. Even everquest 1 & 2 is still going. Eve Online is hugely popular as well, I even believe at one point Lineage 2 was more popular then WoW at one point as well.

Play what you enjoy but what i don’t like is people form other game coming on to the WoW forums and saying why WoW sucks and why their game is better.

Blizzard seriously need to fix their forums to stop people without an active sub from posting or replying again.


It is more popular now that when it launched and has good and very dedicated playerbase. Always full of players. Definately hasn’t died. :rofl:

Swtor is doing ok and i launching their next expansion in september. It has lost some subs and had content draught last year but it’s certainly alive and going upwards now. Not dead.

This is what i said. Lack of content for non hardcore players = catered to only hardcore.

ESO i don’t personally like and i am one of the people who didn’t perceive it well on launch. Despite me quitting it pretty fast i have impression it still got pretty strong playerbase who happily plays it. Black dessert and such i haven’t played so no clue.


You’re definitely stuck in the past.
GW2 is not as active as it used to be. Not even close.

My bad on the Wildstar respond I read it as lack of content for hardcore raiders. But i definitely stand by my overall point that FF is doing much better than any other MMO excluding WoW.


I think it is worth noting that FFXIV did have to scrap its first version and completely remake the game before being successful.

They managed to do so because Final Fantasy was a strong brand and because they took a lot of ideas from their competitors when doing their remake. Yoshi quite literally made his devs play WoW to check out what a modern MMORPG is supposed to be like, as people had their heads stuck in the FFXI bubble from the past.

Since then, they’ve been riding the fanservice train hard, both in regards to previous Final Fantasy titles as in… other regards. I proverbially flipped my table when Hrothgar didn’t get a female variant and they instead made another “only cute females” race, because my jaded self called that all the way back to the introduction of Au Ra.

If there’s one thing I’d want from it, it’d probably be tome vendors. I like my gear not being subject to RNG. But other than that, I can’t point to much I’m missing.

I mean, sure: I’d like proper full screen back. And I’d like a writing team that values continuity higher than rule of cool. But those are not FFXIV specific.


I wasn’t talking about that point i was merely correcting misinformation in your post about those others games being “dead”. FF14 has definately more players atm than for example gw2, but saying gw2 (or those other games) is dead based on that is same than saying FF14 is dead based on it having less subs than wow. Only game on that list that is actually dead is Wildstar. Others have their own playerbases, servers up and running and are offering new content. Just because some game has less players than some other doesn’t mean it’s dead.

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I found everything so far very similar. FFXIV is very clunky for the first 15 or so levels and I had some very serious lag.


Nah I don’t need to hide to say what I really think…


While 6k points makes you an authority right?

That’s like trash talking someone for doing lfr when your own progress is the first 2 bosses of normal.

People are allowed to like other games, and compare them, and crazily enough, see what one does that could benefit the other. If memory serves, aoe looting was in Rift before it came to wow.

What is showing one as a generally rancid human being, granted this isn’t you, is deciding because a game is Japanese, it’s automatically a simulator for abusing children. Besides, one could equally make the same claim with gnomes.

Edit, actually one more point. FF is relatively new to the mainstream audience, so it’s a journey, exploring a huge world, finding your feet etc etc, EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT FOR CLASSIC.


Confess, what does WoW Classic orange letter means?
Are u both in closed beta?

edit: they have disappeared :frowning:


I keep feeling that trying to argue with that kind of people is a lost cause. Kudos to you to try though, really nice reply ~

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Level 55, you are funny. Shadowbringers level 70-80 is about a weeks levelling. I enjoyed the story very much but let’s not tell porkies. If you want to do the end game you need to level to 80 and do every main scenario quest - even the content patch and that in itself could take weeks.

Levelling by questing is not possible, you have to do dungeons and other stuff even doing the 10 or more per quest hub of side quests still does’t give you enough XP.

In FF14 you are the Warrior of Light the hero. In WoW players dont actually like being the saviour, they prefer being the hero.

FF14 has a height slider a couple of facial customisations but not much more.

They do however have tons of hair styles and add to then every 6 months.

It doesn’t really. Most classes feel very similar. I’m levelling Gunblade at this moment and it’s very similar to Dark Knight just with spells renamed and different animations.

FF14 has 18 jobs if you count Blue Mage as a job. The equivalent of a job in WoW would be a spec so WoW has 36 and they are different even if you dont like how they play.


Do you have evidence to back this? The classic name reserve had massive queues just for login. Lots of players subbed just to reserve names.


Are there people on FFXIV forums talking about warcraft also? Just wondering.