WoW against his "competitor"

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While WoW generally have better class/job and dungeon/raid bosses gameplay wise than ffxiv, FFXIV pretty much excels in Story, Music, Visuals, Equipment designs.

All in all neither of the games are Perfect.
Not to mention that GW2 blows them out of the water when it comes to open world.

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Final Fantasy XIV is no competitor for WoW. FF14 is a skimpy armor-mmo for the Asia-Crowd.

I mean they have 2 (!) Races with Bunnyears for crying out loud. One of those even has a Skintight Pantsless Body as Startergear.

I mean look at that crap!

If I want to have something to skin the sausage, I go to other outlets than mmorpgs.


that does idd look like crap


It’s not a competition imo. Unless you think an old man competes with a young athlete. WoW is old, crippled, dying. Its glory days have come and gone.
Think of it as that Rocky scene when he’s an old man and fights a young boxer.
A legend, always will be, but nobody lasts forever.

Once I’m bored of WoW, FF14 is next.


Yeah, sadly they refuse or just dont want to fix them. There is tons of things that would make wow more enjoyable if you think about other mmos features.


Dunno if anyone already replied but afaik FF should have slightly more than 1M sub, and more than ESO although i dunno much more about that.

At it’s worse WoW sub count was estimated around 3 or 4M worldwide with machine learning.


I don’t use their forums but it happens on reddit, yes.

Totally. I miss Guild Wars open world and living world system !

Judging a game for a set of native armor. /clap Glad to know slutmog doesn’t exist on WoW !


/squints. Are those…see through tabards?

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FF14 and the other Asia-mmorpgs go way beyond slutmog. The Stripperbunnies in the Video above are even wearing High Heels.

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Have you actually installed, ran and played through that piece of crap?

Warcraft lore and the majority of the WoW story lines are vastly superior than anything FF ever had.

Music? Warcraft music, especially as of late, is a world class masterpiece while FFXIV is nothing but a low-grade radio background music. Go and find me a piece of FFXIV music that can even remotely compare to “Invincible” or “Anduin”…

Visuals? What do you mean by visuals? If you mean the standard overly-dramatic, ridiculously over-sized and making absolutely no sense spell effect visuals that are a part of literally any Asian mmo then that’s a personal preference. I don’t like them. But general game graphics and visuals are horrendous in FFXIV.

And don’t get me started on the equipment design… horrible pedo weeb BS! I played that game till level 16, when my character (by just equipping the quest reward armor items) looked like an absolute old pedo EFER with PINK PANTIES (YES EFING PANTIES that were supposed to be a Heavy Armor!), PINK shirtless HALF-TOP and PINK TIGHTS!!! Playing a Lancer and using a Spear didn’t help either… Looked like a pole dancer ffs… Insta deleted the game! for the female characters this sh*t goes on for the entire game… just look at what Unvireath’s post…

And then comes the so called “immersion”… A great immersion indeed where you couldn’t give 2 craps about other characters because of all the “cut scenes” that have absolutely no voice-over and all the characters are doing is nod at each other for 30 secs while the crap radio-background music plays…

Yes, FFXIV is a competitor to WoW because they compete for the same market, but it’s nowhere near the level of quality of WoW, nor to the numbers of WoW’s player base. The numbers which FFXIV is bragging about are the total number of characters, 16M or something, the active players is in the thousands, the actual subs are also low and not even remotely comparable to WoW.

I cant understand why ppl bring FFXIV in WoW’s forum… there’s nothing WoW can take from FFXIV and be considered an improvement.

Also as a side note, playing FFXIV felt a lot more boring than leveling in WoW, even though it was my 1st try and I’ve done it 10s of times in WoW. That 2.5s GCD man…


Thanks for renewing my faith in wow.


Not really. Playing both game I see no differences. The only one thing that bothers me is that I find Vieras (The bunnies) ugly (ears are just stiff and half the helmets don’t match on them) and they are everywhere.

Yes, leveling in FFXIV is the most boring thing ever. Only point I agree with you here.


Quite likely yes, but it’s fair to say I regularly trip over my own patience levels when it comes to hypocrisy :stuck_out_tongue:

The mental gymnastics is quite interesting sometimes too, during WoD I had someone telling other his opinion on a lore thread was invalid because he had less raid progression. Then he concluded that his full hc progress was better than my full hc + 4/5 mythic, I’m still trying to work that one out tbh.


Apologies for double post but might I raise a few minor points.

Equipment design, revealing isn’t really the norm for gear you get. Also, remember tbc/vanilla, plenty of armor there that, even as heavy plate, covers nothing more than the bare essentials.

Immersion, I’m a bit lost as to why you feel that story cutscenes in where you find out what’s happening and who is who, makes you not care about the characters. Unless of course you go in with a preformed opinion, skip through everything that can be skipped, afk/tab out what can’t. Same as people do here.

Finally, this pedo business is really getting pathetic, can anyone who brings this up actually give some backing to this? Kindly do, otherwise you’re making yourselves sound like a broken record, a record that wasn’t playing a particularly good song to begin with.


Trying to compate FFXIV to WoW is like trying to compare a Daihatsu Storia to a Ford Mustang GT.


Well… that’s a twisted logic right there :man_shrugging:


I must say though, I can see how a 40 year old man playing a Lalafell can give people the wrong impression.


As opposed to a gnome?


Gnomes dont actually look like minors, but hey, thats just me. I gave my opinion on why it COULD be.


Lalafells either. They looks like overgrown potatoes. Ugly potatoes.