WoW against his "competitor"

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wtf? in what way could i have possibly been taking a dig at the Japanese? i personally dont like the medium of manga/anime. thats just me cause there are millions who do. although sometimes if done a certain way, i could like it, for example the great but shortlived “series” cybercity oedo 808.

i said the feel of the game was that it looked like a manga style, not that its manga because its Japanese. i didn’t even remember that it was a Japanese made game and it doesn’t matter.

tip of the day: dont jump on the “ism” bandwagon before clarifying a situation and or intention.

i think i remember what you mean. like a “battlegroup” would comprise of say 10 servers/realms. so are those battlegroups world wide or are they region locked? again, if they are worldwide, it means that ff14 even with less players could feel far more populated than wow on almost any server except the top 5-6. but even on silvermoon alliance RIGHT now, there are only about 20 people in the main SW AH area, and 10 of those are talking to the AH. doesn’t seem “populated” like in the old days. i know its only 7.45, but this is silvermoon alliance.


I like how half the thread think OP is praising FF while he’s just giving a criticism.

Half of the argument beyond personnal opinions are “It’s too weeby, the slutmog are slutmogs”.

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You know…why should I read the books when I play a game? They story should happen INSIDE the game and not in outsourced material written by terrible fanfiction writers who somehow got a job at Blizzard. And yes I am looking at Golden.

And regarding Final Fantasy XIV I can say one thing: Its story from Heavensward onward is superior to WoW in any way imaginable. (The base game has a somewhat weaker story, which however is still better than WoWs.) The level 30-50 Dark Knight questline in particular is probably one of the best written storylines in any MMORPG (the class sounds edgy but the story is an extremely personal one where the focus is on your own character: No heroes, no big bad, just yourself).


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I think that people are missing one glaring reason as to why FFXIV is attracting so many players at the moment: cross platform availability.

Players can play FFXIV via PC/Laptop, & Playstation. And players can interact while playing on any of those consoles and have cross console play. This is important because you may have a friend who has just a playstation or a pc/laptop and no playstation but you can still play the game together.

I think if WOW branched out to other consoles, they would see their base grow somewhat.


I have finished all of the msq now and Heavensward and Shadowbringers are both amazing… can’t choose a fave out of them.


I cant plya bfa for 5 minutes,I get bored and quit

Im not a final fantasy nor elder scrolls fan,so those dont intereset me (their cash shops are worse then wow)

I love classic wow thou,so Im sticking with that instead

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Mah, i disagree very much.

I think number 8 is one of my favorites, and I still enjoy playing 10-2.

I had some troubles ajusting to the changes from number 12, but I am very much enjoying playing Type-0 :slight_smile:

Yeah… The christmas costumes in WoW are not like that at all :expressionless:

Well I wonder - given this is another fantasy universe, I think this might appeal to more adults than you think.
But a lot of those adults don’t have the need to voice their love to a certain game :wink:

Edit: That helmet - it doesn’t fit your avatar :frowning_face:


And yet you are lvl 120, must have been a lot of 5 minutes. To much classic speak, it’s not its own competitor.


Played Final Fantasy. Got bored of it when I learned you had to completed every MSQ to get into the higher level content. This also involved having to queue for the different difficulties of the same dungeon you did 20 levels ago, and without a ‘company’ to help you, good luck finding a pug to complete it. All in all, very boring levelling, immersion wasn’t to my taste - being the ‘hero of light’ or whatever was shoddy at best.

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They obviously ignore the Vanilla (yeah I call it that still) WoW armor.

Unfortunately PS support is stopping addons; Sony dont like third party ‘code’.

I was never a great fan of Stormblood. I didn’t like the two-region story. I’ve watched the Shadowbringers quest scenes a few times, one as a Dark Knight even.

How dare they want you to play the story. What kind of game do they think it is…


Don’t misrepresent what I type. It’s like asking you to complete Loremaster for WoW before being able to raid. Nice try though :clown_face:

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It’s not comparable in the slightest. “Nice try though :clown_face:


Please explain how it isn’t? You have to complete the entire MSQ, including mid-expansion quests to unlock the dungeons for hard mode and extreme mode.

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FFXIV does not have any addons, if they are used they are probably breaking FFXIV’s TOS as there is no actual API available to develop anything. This is to keep the playing field leveled among Playstation and PC players.

I am neither for or against addons in any video game. If a company makes an api available so be it, however you do see posts on here from players screaming about Raider I O and the unfairness of that addon.


Yeah sure but wow UI is actual garbage, insult to good taste and crime against usability.

I wouldn’t mind not having addons if default UI would be usable.

  1. Not having quest UI keybinds
  2. big numbers such as 117M represented as 117000k
  3. player/target frame hp so small you need magnifing glass
  4. Super small UI elements hard to see for visually impaired.
  5. Nonsensical alignment of elements you can’t even move around (MsDos had windows you could move around)

From User Interface point of view it is actual garbage.


Eh WoW and FFXIV can be summed up with.

Do you like Story and Professions? Play FFXIV.
Do you like Raiding and PvP? Play WoW


Its not a competitor, really. Both have very different gameplay styles.

WIldstar was the closest to become a competititor if we just compare similar MMO’s.

SWG was the only game that could of killed world of warcraft aside from Wildstar.

The reason it didnt happen was because Sony wanted SWG in a different direction, but prior to certain updates in 2006, SWG was far far more superior, had a ton more content, and had alot more 'MMORPG" elements in them then boring skillbuying you had to do in classic.

SWG didnt even rely on questing XD

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Good Arthas… told in this way the “casuals” in BFA shouls switch game at once.


What lol? So…saying something is anime or manga ,is racist these days?