WoW! Blackwing Lair Cleared in 42 Minutes!

I watched that and it’s pretty clear that the difficulty is made with the mindset that players have decades of experience. But that was the only thing i’ve paid attention to in retail since I quit in cata so I don’t know how mythic bosses feel years later.

Really though difficulty is there for fun just like everything else, I think Classic difficulty is appropriate considering I have alot of fun:p

And here you have why Classic isn’t really hard, it’s not because the game was hard, it was because most players had absolutley no clue about the game.

I’d gladly see you try.

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The times listed here are incorrect. Calamity won the world first race, please revise this to avoid misinformation.

I’m no expert but I think its a tie

Boss was overtuned, and it’s the only way to make them alive for month because it require to push yourself more than the current skillcap.

I would be glad if Blizzard can make something alive from 1 month in Shadowlands, but it didn’t happened for a while because they are not trying to do it anymore. They want boss that are handlable, not overtuned, with the current skillcap. So boss die fast. KIl’Jaeden Mythic was a very good attempt, but they need to go further.

Are you going to acknowledge the fact that the instance portal was NOT opened at the same time as the teleport globe?

Because this is just utter incompetence. How can you announce the release of a raid, with the knowledge that you can enter the raid in two distinct ways. And NOT make absolutely sure the two methods are not made available at the same time?


Can we also get milliseconds involved in the race? It’s crazy to say “it’s too close to call” Just split it into milliseconds and declare a clear F**ing winner. And why isn’t it in alphabetical order? this is crazy bias. Calamity clearly won on the logs!

dude the only Herofic you’ve done is
The Emerald Nightmare

Level 110

LFR 0/7

How can you judge anything xD you legit haven’t done any progress of M+ etc, u might have an forum alt but ur achievement progress is still not hidden, nice try m8


Again, i’m no expert but isn’t a part of the difference in clear times in vanilla and TBC partly due to the difference in how long things took in general. From what I could tell, you recover from a raid wipe instantly on retail.

Why do you want it to be like that, anyway?

@Sack I do agree with you that it not being in alphabetical order makes it seem like bias but that’s unlikely. Why would Blizz care?

busted hahahaha xD

Here are the logs, declaring Calamity the clear winnner.

Get some progress on your raiding hun before judging <3 what’s hard and what’s easy

APES got rekt by UBRS BWL portal being bugged to AND Nefarian’s roleplay being bugged. The latter was also the case for us. Instead of landing he despawned and did his landing roleplay over, resulting in an unavoidable loss of precious seconds.
You can compare that for yourself when the clear videos are uploaded.

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I’m not posting with my main since i’m forum permaban. I played a lot from TBC to WOTLK and then in MoP/Legion, killed everything. Top #50 world MM+ in Legion as Restau Druid.

I can judge because I was top player in BC and WOTLK in PvE and PvP (2K6 Arena as Feral Druid). Meanwhile, you are a nobody, just a random zoomers that never know the time when thing was hard.

That’s what they all say lol (I played real Vanilla, did world first Naxx, account banned though, I did first m+ raid, account banned, forum ban, well you still have your character around, stop flexing if you have no proof, I doubt a person that’s scared of forum ban and have been banned would go around saying what you’re saying, they would be pissing their pants, and also they wouldn’t go around saying that classic raiding was hard, CAUSE it’s not hard at all, and if you are actually comparing Classic that’s 14-15 years old to now, you’re obviously lying xD top 50, sorry hunny I don’t believe that, just another kid lying for attention.


That’s why we destroy everything in this game. Because we played it at top level before, and everything is now much easier for us with experience of live and then private server. Give me 5 years of BFA private server, I’ll laugh at you wiping 400 times in Azshara Mythic.

But yeah, continue to think your 20-man raid with 1-week progress are hard KEKW.

Sure, but you can’t deny that vanilla mechanics are nothing compared to retail.

Thanks for giving me a good laugh before bed xD haha nice story, night night :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Never said that. Vanilla mechanic are 2000 mechanic. Retail mechanic are still stuck to 2013-2015 mechanic. The state of the game is a joke. Boss should be way harder than that with 2020 mechanic.

A endgame boss, should die in 1 month or more.

A endgame boss that die in less than 1 week, is a pure joke.

You can say “Player skill is to high”, just make boss harder.

The only way to extend it like that would be to make the dps checks so tight that you need full gear from the current content to even have a chance, in which case only the top 0.001% would kill it.