WoW Charity Pet Program $1 Million USD Goal Reached – Daisy Unlocked!

Congratulations! $1 Million USD was generously donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) by the World of Warcraft community! The Daisy, the Sloth goal has been reached and she will become available to modern World of Warcraft players for free as soon as possible on 23 April from within the Blizzard Shop.

Be sure to claim Daisy and Bananas before 2 August, 2021 in Europe, Russia and Asia (1 August in North and South America)! After this date, Daisy will be available to purchase in the in-game shop or in the Blizzard Shop and Bananas will no longer be available.

Your generosity to the MSF COVID-19 Crisis Fund will enable urgently needed medical care and support in more than 70 countries to counter the new coronavirus disease. Thank you for your global efforts in raising the funds to support MSF’s COVID-19 response activities worldwide during the WoW Charity Pet Program.


Why post this before you have it active in the shop? Nowhere to be found.


Because not everyone is following the donation page so they’re letting people know it has been reached and is getting unlocked ASAP? It literally says in the post why it’s posted.

This way people don’t need to “worry” about Daisy not getting unlocked in time.


This is really great to see I love it!

Congratulations everyone! Well done to everyone who has donated.


I came to say the same thing :frowning:

I followed the link and she’s not there :smile:

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It’s all an elaborate ploy to train/condition people on where to find and how to use the in-game shop. If they wanted to give it to you, they could just add it to your characters (like they did the tree and any other in-game item in the past), this one you actually have to go to the shop and go through the process of buying it (for free).

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Or they are just putting them in the shop because that’s where the charity pets normally appear.

I’m not fussed about the method of delivery tbh. Either works for me.

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I fully expect Ion Hazzikostas to personally deliver this message to me, at my home, on my doorstep, whilst performing an artistic dance of his native country, and reciting a poem by Robert Frost, as he proceeds to tell me how grateful he is on the behalf of all of Blizzard and the entire world for my enormous contribution to saving mankind and securing the future of World of Warcraft, after which he will award me the honorary title of President of the Universe and a free ticket to Disney World as well as a year’s supply of Pepsi Crystal.

Anything less would be a slap in the face.


Putting them on the shop allows ppl without a current sub to claim the pet as well I presume, so…

Please put it in the shop already :frowning:

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Daisy should now be ready to join you on your journey! Head on over to the Blizzard Shop to claim her.

And if you’d like to carry her around on your back, simply target her and use the emote /beckon. :sloth:

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Hey guys, if you have any of the bird pets which can sit on your shoulder when you /whistle. Daisy stacks with that aswell.

Pets like:

Crackers - Rogue class hall
Feathers - BFA Pathfinder pet (looks like the mount)
Cap’n Crackers - Store pet.

I’m currently wandering around looking like a tropical zoo :slight_smile:

For druids (and I imagine Shaman) when you shapeshift if she is on your back… she is dismissed :frowning:

What’s the emote for /Getoffmybackyoulazysloth?

Seems to disappear when you mount up.

/cancelaura Daisy

(or just summon Daisy again)

It’s just a buff. As soon as Daisy jumps on your back she no longer counts as active/summoned companion, and converts to just a buff. I don’t think there is any “emote” to let her jump off.

That’s really disappointing…

Thank you!


Ruined by the fact Daisy disappears when you mount up, really disappointed