WoW Charity Pet Program $500,000 USD Goal Reached – Bananas Unlocked!

Thanks to all your generous donations to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), we’ve reached the $500,000 USD goal and Bananas, the Monkey has been unlocked to everyone playing modern World of Warcraft. Bananas is now available for free from within the Blizzard Shop.

Unlocking Bananas means we’re halfway to the stretch goal of unlocking the new pet Daisy, the Sloth! If $1 Million USD is donated by April 26, 2021, Daisy will be available to hop on your back and travel around Azeroth. More details on the WoW Charity Pet Program and how to donate can be found here.


Congratulations and well done everyone who’s donated!

Got mine now Thanks :smiley:


My problem with donating charity programs etc. is that at the end 50% of money going for “gathering costs”. I don’t know how is in Blizzard’s case, but i don’t believe in companies honesty.


I don’t really believe in the group the charity is going to. A few years ago it was on the news they spent a lot of the money on alcohol and parties. Also something with sexual abuse iirc…


Only $500,000? Where is Bobby with his 200 Million stimulus cheque?


That is the correct way to put it into perspective.


In Blizzard’s case it really seems to be as simple as “we just put up a reward for our users when a goal is met”, it doesn’t flow through Blizzard - you donate directly to DWB.

So this one seems quite decently set up.

Congrats for putting up a nonsense comment. They prob won’t even be able to handle that big of a sum anyways, so idk what you want to accomplish here.

I like how there’s people still defending Bobby xD


I don’t think it’s a case of anyone defending the man, so much as pointing out that he and his money are irrelevant to the topic and whether or not you choose to donate based on your own values and principles.

Bringing up Bobby Kotick in regards to this charity is as relevant as me saying:

“WhaT aBOuT the qUeEn of ENGlaNd anD AlL heR MOneY?!”

Who gives a :poop: ?

Man people are so mad, so many knights xD
Take a chilled pill


Hey sorry but i did little bit of a mistke… i claimed bananas from US link and i play on EU is there a chance to transfer that ???

How about free spectral tigers if the goal gets to 10 million?

Make it happen Blizzard, thank you.


Claimed it doesn’t appear with the other pets

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I see your point, but the difference is that Bobby is hurting what most of us love so much: the games. And him kinda being the king of the games we play, well…

I vaguely remember buying bananas from the AH years ago.atm i have 2 of those not make this like it is such a great thing you giving away did gave me a pet which i allready had.bah

Still haven’t received the pet three days after first claiming it. What gives?


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Do a ticket to support if you still haven’t received it.

Incidentally mine wont show if I scroll in alphabetical order, but I can find it if I type in Bana.

One of the other MVPs has the same issue where it’s not appearing.