WoW Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Info


On Friday, June 14 at 23:00 CEST, we’ll open a new realm in the WoW Classic Beta for dedicated testing of Alterac Valley.

When beta testers log into the WoW Classic Beta at that time, please look for the new Field of Strife realm. Alterac Valley will only be available for testing on this realm, and we will be turn off the other beta realms for the duration of the AV test. You’ll find that test characters on Field of Strife are confined to their capital cities. Don’t worry—even if you could leave the city, there will be no enemies, quest-givers, dungeons, or transports throughout the rest of the world.

On the Field of Strife realm, when you create a character, it will be locked at level 58 for AV testing. These test characters will have appropriate gear, some gold, a mount, and access to class trainers and reagent vendors, but they will not be able to level up past 58.

Please go to your city’s Battlemasters and queue for Alterac Valley as much as you like, and submit your feedback.

We expect to close the realm and this AV test on Monday, June 17 at about 19:00 CEST. At that time, the other beta realms will return.

Thank you!


Finally we can see what AV is gonna be like on Classic. Can’t wait to watch streamers play it


Sounds great! I cant wait to test AV

oh wait, no beta.

(Devilsknight) #5

I think you can expect quite a diffrent “meta” of how AV is played between Fridays test and when Classic goes live.

“AV-starved” LVL 58 characters, geared and ready with nothing on the line wont simulate people that are in there for “fast” honor or rewards the 500th time on Classic ^^


stop teasing us… like if u agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

(Gixi) #8

If the queues are slow I hope you will consider inviting some of the stress testers for this AV testing! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s amazing news!
For streamers and content creators that is…
The rest of us lesser subscription paying players can sit there and watch other people play and enjoy themselves!


I wonder who’s gonna test it.

The PvE server is almost empty - see Need more Beta Testers on PvE Classic Beta Realm

And in the PvP server as @Asmongold tweeted today, it’s not even possible to get an AB match going bc there aren’t enough people.

You should allow the Stress Testers in.

Upvote if you agree.


They are not going to invite us brother , We are unlucky … am sorry for telling you that but is the truth :frowning:


I play on a realm that has AQ40/Naxx geared players. AV tends to last anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours.

Whilst there’s definitely aspects of AV that I’d prefer from the earlier versions, the idea that every AV will be a 10 minute blitz is a myth.


Let me in too >:(


I’m kinda hyped for that testing… but sadly i wont get access anyway. Maybe i am blacklisted cuz one of my chars got banned on forums today (Hi, didnt write anything since… legion i guess?) or because i am banned in Warcrafts twitch chat. I hope ppl that get into beta have some fun LUL


I’m very happy that testing for AV will begin so soon. This way we’ll have a chance to campaign for an earlier version once people realize it’ll just be a zerg fest.


It is 1.12 Alterac. So it is still tuned down.

[Patch 1.11.0] (2006-06-20):

  • Most of the NPC guard units have been removed
  • Creatures that remain in Alterac Valley have had their hit points reduced.

[Patch 1.10.0] (2006-03-28):

  • [Korrak the Bloodrager] and his band of trolls have packed up their bags and left Alterac Valley for greener pastures.

[Patch 1.8.0] (2005-10-10):

  • Due to the avalanche, Korrak the Bloodrager and a small band of surviving Trolls have made the Snowfall Graveyard their new home. Players will find that Snowfall is now under Korrak’s control and they must defeat Korrak and his Troll guards if they wish to take Snowfall.
  • NPC difficulty has been scaled down. All NPCs have had their power reduced by 15-30%.

(Mandanu) #19

Do they just post it here, instead of the beta forum, to rub it in? GIEF BETA AXESS PLX KKTNXBAI.


Had more fun in 30 minutes of stress test than I have had in about 5 years of retail, and since then I haven’t been able to bring myself to play retail for more than 15-20 minutes before I am bored and log off. Really wish that August would hurry up!


59 talent points. Time to do some testing.


Shame it’s not the old AV I remember going to bed and then waking up to find the same AV battle still going on :joy::joy: was epic


How would a warlock farm Soul Shards without any mobs on the realm?


You farm shards from mobs in AV