WoW Classic Beta Update - 3rd July


Thank you very much to everyone who’ve helped test the closed beta for WoW Classic. Over the last seven weeks, we have reviewed over 17000 bug reports from testers. These led to our verification of hundreds of new and unique bugs. Your efforts have directly contributed to making WoW Classic a better experience for everyone when it opens to the world on August 27.

We have now reached a stage where WoW Classic is in a good state for reconciling remaining issues, and we intend to shift our focus away from the closed beta, which will end on July 12.

Internally, we’re working through the aforementioned bug fixes, testing the high-level zones such as Eastern Plaguelands, and doing our raid testing. We’ll make sure Ragnaros and Onyxia are ready to go.

As for what’s next, the final stress test is now coming up on July 25-26 (we’ve changed this date since we first announced it). During that global test, we will roll out our multi-region hardware in preparation for the worldwide release of WoW Classic. In addition to getting many more testers to play through the initial leveling experiences, it will be a test of the fixes and tweaks that we’ve made and are making to the game.

We’re planning a small in-game event to end the closed beta on July 12. We’ll see you there, and we’ll post reminders for you just before the stress test, as well as reminders in August as we gather for name reservations and ultimately for the release of WoW Classic.

Thank you!

Open Beta, will there be one? Like at all?
WoW Classic Testing Schedule
Stress Test 3 (EU)
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Guess dem streamers will have to go outside or something for the nrxt 2 months.


Please make sure to take care of the long list of Hunter bugs.
Relevant spreadsheet, still has 40+ potential bugs.

Credit to WatchYourSixx and the Classic hunter discord.


Thank you for the enormous effort and hard work you guys putting into making WoW Classic the authentic experience!
can’t wait for august 27th and i’m looking forward to doing my part in the last stresstest July 25-26


That’s f°ckin fifty DKP minus!
What the f°ck was that sh°t?

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I’m worried that end content is not tested by players.

Before the beta, Classic was supposed to be tested too… Some bugs were found.
If this happen with the end game content it could be annoying.


Please take care of Hunter bugs. .com/spreadsheets/d/1rQRdHw8LgmiPEVc8ST-cwdD1kKkBwhwlK1f0eO45voU/edit#gid=0


they say in the post they will test that internally.

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Yeah, like they did before the Beta? Players and the number of players greatly help to find bug.


I don’t think they did any internal testing before the beta really, But all the players in the closed beta have contributed enough as they say in the post above.

Blizzard are getting all the fundamental bugs (the community helped find) ironed out before launch.
As for the rest they dont need a army of streamers to make sure everything works, they can do that internally without any problems. it should work just fine for launch the 27th.

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Might be an offtopic but… why there still no Keyring in Classic? this was reported since day one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What level will the stress test be up to ? Level 15? will it last for 48hours like the last one ?


So… Any chance of getting ONE RP-PVP realm?


any chance that classic will be released earlier, e.g. now?


Well, I can imagine the closed beta ends at the moment it becomes open…

but enough of that teasing


I got a 3 day game time gift from Blizzard that is usable until 29th of July.

If I use it during the stress test am I able to participate on it?

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Can we please have RP-PVP realms on release? :pray:


“Small in-game event”. I’m laughing. Last time it was blowing up everyone in town. Great fun!