WoW Classic Closed Beta Has Returned

(Kaivax) #1

Thanks to your help testing WoW Classic, we’ve fixed many additional reported bugs since the Beta ended last month. To really ensure that these fixes are all functioning as expected and prepare the smoothest possible launch in two weeks, we’ve just re-opened our closed beta realms for additional testing of WoW Classic.

All testers who previously had access to the closed beta are now able to log into those realms. Characters that were previously created on the beta test realms were removed, and level 40-character templates are now available. The level cap has been increased to 45. Characters in this range will find level-appropriate quests to explore in zones such as Stranglethorn Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Dustwallow Marsh, and Desolace.

As before, please use the in-game Bug Report button to submit issues encountered while testing. If you need more text space to explain an issue you encountered, please take it to our WoW Classic Support and Bug Report forum, which is now open for new threads.

This final closed beta test will end on Friday, 16 August.

Thanks in advance to everyone who jumps in to test WoW Classic and help us prepare for its worldwide release on 27 August at 12:01 a.m. CEST!

(Fearge) #2

sweet :slight_smile:
can i get a key? haha


Who I need to whisper for an invite?


Cool, so can we test it or is it for streamers only?
Oh right…


Try something else than whining for once

(Uzuki) #6

Lol, expected comment.

No, the majority of people that got beta aren’t even streamers, you’re just salty you didn’t get it and can’t possibly know how many non streamers did.


You are delusional.


Any chance to get access to it for the last 2 weeks ? :slight_smile:

(Uzuki) #9

Of course. Blizzard told us the beta had around 5000 to 20000 players across its lifespan but yeah no, must all be streamers.

What’s up? Literally can’t wait 11 days?


BOOM back in I go again baby! Lucky i didnt delete my lvl 40 :smiley:


Too bad Blizzard fixed that for ya… (“Characters that were previously created on the beta test realms were removed”)

(Bigkeg) #12

Only existing people?, shame :wink: “long weekend” incoming here due to holiday.


translation: We’re really desperate for money so we’re throwing another money grabbing scam at you.

(Bigkeg) #14

People that already have access are already subscribed.


Says I can join if i pay.

(Bigkeg) #16

No you can’t. It’s not stress test access. “All testers who previously had access to the closed beta are now able to log into those realms.”


It doesn’t, you didnt get a beta access before so you wont be able to play now.
It isn’t a money grabbing scam, you are just to dumb to read and understand the OP…




sweet. can i get an invite then?


Look, it takes me to realm selection.
If i click on ANY of the 2 PVP realms, which are listed as Full,
it gives me warning message about Queues if i select a "full server.

I select “OK”.

And then it tell me I need to sub to play.
I don’t know if it will actually let me IN, but the message is pretty clear.
It tells me that if I pay i will be able to play.

Case 1. it let’s me play: It’s a money grabbing scam
Case 2: it does’t let me play: it’s a straight forward illegal scam.


Shamanakis that’s the name reserve we can all log into that and if you have game sub time you can create up to 3 characters, we can’t log in though till launch day. Beta is under a different tag that says wow classic beta unless you have an invite email or that in your launcher choices you don’t have Beta its not a scam its not a money grab they declared those things already.

On an unrelated note what’s a classic addict got to do to get Beta access.