WoW Classic Closed Beta - Level 40 and Arathi Basin Testing


A new WoW Classic closed beta build has been deployed which increases the level cap from 30 to 40. This new build will also allow testers to level up in zones such as Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace, and Arathi Highlands (among others). At the same time, Warsong Gulch will close.

To further assist testing efforts, we will reduce the cost to respec closed beta characters. The new cost will be charged in silver instead of gold, a 99% reduction in cost, and will only be applied to the beta test.

We’re also going to open Arathi Basin for limited testing in the closed beta. There will be no templates, so all characters will need to be level 20 or higher to participate. The test will begin on the afternoon of Thursday, June 6.

We’ve also put the clock onto the minimap in the default UI - We expect it to save us a lot of time when we’re debugging using screenshots or video clips.

Please keep an eye on our known issues thread, as well as our growing list of reports we’ve confirmed are not bugs . Thank you for your continued efforts in testing WoW Classic!

P.S. Don’t forget to guard the farm.

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Going to let anymore non streamer EU 2004-2006 account holders in?


They have, if I was asked to give a number I would say 5% of beta access are streamers!.. Stop being so damn entitled little (female dog)!!!

edit for special snowflakes: That leaves 95% of normal people with access…

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Include me into your beta and i promise i will stream

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Too bad, I was actually enjoying the lvl 30 meta a lot.

Time to get me a nice riding tiger :slight_smile:


You forgot to invite me

Please Blizzard :innocent:


Any chance for wow classic closed beta please?


Realese the EU Beta Servers please.


Is there going to be a second wave of invites for beta and do you have to be subbed to get a chance for an invite?

Not going to renew my sub until classic release if you dont need it for a chance of beta invite.


Opening the beta to lvl40 will add easily 2 weeks of content for the streamer and testers at which point it will be time for the second (third) stress test. If they had wanted to add more people to the beta, despite saying a few days ago they were already satisfied with the number of people in, they would have done it now and in a way they did by opening it up more to the F&F people.
Most likely there will be nothing after the stress test for at least 1 week maybe even two upon which they might do another drastic change as the lvl 40 content will have been quite thoroughly tested by then.
It is possible that they do an ultimate level up cap to 50, again easy 2 weeks content, probably even more at this point, stress test mid july and people still testing hard till end of July as they will probably try as high as possible for dungeons and such outside of level requirement to get in.
I think raid and end game content will be tested internally only and a lot of streamers would even potentially pass on that since it leaves little to try afterwards if they go all the way to MC.
When all of that is said and done, it will be probably mid August at which point it is likely the beta servers will close for opening preparation. Maybe an ultimate unannounced stress test.

All along that they might let a few more people trickle in (aka content providers) but the more they delay the less likely those new streamers will catch up with content to provide relevant bug feedback and so will not be useful to Blizz.

TLDR: I highly doubt there will be new visible waves open to everyone for the beta before release. Best case scenario is to be able to get in the next stress tests.


I will not beg but an oldschool player whom started back in 2006 could be very grateful for a Closed Beta access.


why do you force your players to play on private servers if they dont have beta access?

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It’s not intended to be played by end users and world wide cloud server infrastructure doesn’t fall from the sky for free and instantly. It takes time.


Hey all

lets me express myself how UNFAIR treated i felt. not only me tho but many other players.
You got all those streamers having fun gaming exploring game, mechanics, bugs. and remembering how to play where to go etc:

Now you all probably increse this cap all the way to 60. and probablyu they will go to raid instances as well.

Then when you realize game, those people who played beta, gonna have so much advantage of others to became best on the server, that im considering if i really want to play it anymore ?
I play wow since THIRD DAY OF LUNCH. is pretty fcking long. and yes i had little break like everybody probably but comon, this is so fcking unfair that it hurts

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Why are you (and many others) so upset that you didnt get in and alot of streamers did? Getting popular streamers in the beta is common business sense as they draw alot potential new subscribers to the game. For example Asmongold with his 100k viewers is a huge FREE advertisement for classic, which is bloody good for the game and for us in the end as we have more people playing classic.

If you are that worried about competitive edge during leveling, you can always watch multitudes of leveling guides that are already being made and much more are bound to come as release is getting closer. And pretty much all of those guides are made by those streamers that you bash here.

Slowest leveler on the classic can become best geared toon on the server if he has good guild with good raiders. First lvl60 on the realm can be stuck with greens if he doesnt have a good guild and raid group.

TLDR: Some get into beta to advertise it and rest of us have to pray RNGesus for an invite. Chill my dudes.

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Please tell me you need 2000 resources to win. The game could sway so many times, I loved it.

(Uzuki) #19

Oh give it a rest. You all cry and moan about how retail players only want instant gratification and max level and that they’re entitled as hell whilst simultaneously whining for beta invites because you’re ‘OG’ and whining that others will beat you to 60. I thought it was about the journey?

No one sees the irony in this crap?


Do we know when the Beta will end? I am not playing but the streamers really do provide a lot of content for the target audience. Is blizzard filling the classic beta/launch gap with 8.2?


Send out more closed beta invites Blizzard pls everyone wants that, wouldn’t hurt you to do it. :raised_hands: