WoW Classic Goes Live August 27th!


In the UK there is a Bank holiday on the 26th. You could have launched on Friday night and had an epic three full days of play. Instead, the launch is late on Tuesday after the weekend and the holiday are both over. Such a wasted opportunity.


Finally someone with brain inside the head have spoken

People just whine and complain. They always do and make up the reasons, acting like they know better. Now blizz adding pvp realms for overcrowding in just a week so I imagine they do like 16h day shifts atm

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Hello there. I have a question. So will this go live at 12:00 duing the day or the night if the night some people’s gonna miss out on sleep and you know it.


Not sure why Blizz using 12h system when UK is leaving EU ffs :smiley:
Stop the 12H time system, stop the imperial units…jeez why they are so stubborn to use those prehistoric-era units…

Oh sry to answer ur question , its gonna be midnight from 26 to 27 ofc

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Looks like i’ll be have to miss out on the first day. But i’m sure many other people will aswell as irl’s way more important so we can all play it after we’re all well rested. :slight_smile:





We’re almost home people.

We’re almost home.


…while stuck in the 6 hours long queue :rofl:


That’s the queue to get into the queue.


Posting in a legendary thread after liking Aerythlea’s post.

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How about they make an option to actelly pay vancleef and the others for their work of rebuilding Stormwind city? I’d vote for that.


Fifteen years have passed since the mortal races banded together and stood united against the might of the Login Screen.
Though Azeroth was saved, the tenuous pact between Work and Playtime has all but evaporated.
The drums of war thunder, once again.


Sooo just to be 100% sure, Aug. 27. Tuesday morning.
I can log in and play the game all day?



You are entitled to stare at the 2 hour long que on login screen :wink:


2 hours?


I like your optimism.


HORDE; where you at?!


Well school is most important. So…you get some sleep then trot of to school in the morning fully refreshed. Meanwhile, I, being retired, will play all night and all next day just so that I can be WAY ahead of you and your mates !!. Perfect !!

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It’s just a game. Don’t take it so seruselly.


So, Aerythlea, are you a Classic fan too ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wonder why they called summer release when it launch 4 days before autumn?