Wow Classic HardCore Nek'rosh EU server keeps lagging since yesterday

First of all, there is zero ping or FPS problem. The server is the issue, and people have been complaining in-game for days. But I don’t know why Blizzard isn’t saying anything; maybe it’s because it’s not the streamer server. When you log in, it fails, and when you reconnect, it takes forever for the loading screen. The game randomly freezes, where you can still move around and press abilities, but nothing happens, and the mobs are frozen. Then, it backtracks you while the chat is still moving, and you can still type, and everyone still sees your message in real-time. It’s been doing this since yesterday.

Got the same problem on non-HC-PvE server, server lag is massive.

Yep, I can confirm that. It all starts when you log into the game, sometimes you even get a disconnect while connecting to the realm list, then it takes ages to load the characters. Finally when you are in the game, you can sometimes be ported to the beginning of a flightpath after midflight, losing alot of time. Seen many people died on the Flightpath itself because they suddenly got dismounted and fell to their deaths.

This was happening to everyone yesterday, would be nice to see a fix

Having the same issue on Mirage Raceway and Ashbringer even though ping is around 40ms.

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