WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test - 8 August 20:00 CEST and Minimum Specs

is there still only 2 servers

see? they opened other servers bcs in a stress test you can be in queue but not locked out… indie company… and now instantly in … :wink:

4 now, hurry

More servers online now. Got in immediately. Killed 2 boars. Left. Gl everyone!

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Do you really need the subscription active now for the test or is it random error message? Cause that’s what i get now with the 4 servers being shown.

There are two more realms opened up in EU. If you are stuck in a queue you may want to try one of those.

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Thanks! I am in!

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What to do if you only have the Beta classic as an option, and that says “No servers available” when trying to log in? :slight_smile:

ty, i’m online now

2950 waiting on Thandol Span :slight_smile:

Am not an experienced guy but i was quite expected to this and i quote “Our global pre-launch test of #WOWClassic will begin on Thursday,August 8 at 20:00 CEST. This TEST will be available to all World of warcraft players with a current subscription or active game time in all regions.”
And here comes the important stuff
“We ask that players please log in and play as much as possible during the first two hours of the test - 20:00 CEST to 22:00 CEST as that is when we’ll be AACTIVELY MONITORING FOR ISSUES IMPORTANT TO LAUNCH”
End of story

Yep got into one! :smiley:

Not sure why so much hype for this test. i mean you gonna lose everything.

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Could it be made possible to log in both Classic and BFA at the same time? Was bummed to find out that logging into Classic kicks out from BFA server and vice versa.

I agree completely

anyone else dont have classsic on battlenet? i have only beta and its greyed and on live there is no classic.

Just tested the servers and I must say the performance was great and awesome to see so many players in one spot… Great job so far


Do anyone know if the test is over??

It just finished

Was that really it?