WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test Today at 20:00 CEST


Here’s a reminder that today, starting at 20:00 CEST, we’ll open WoW Classic realms in every region for the final pre-launch stress test.

We ask that players please log-in and play as much as possible during the first two hours of the test between 20:00 CEST → 22:00 CEST, as that is when we’ll be actively monitoring for issues important to launch.

More info on how to install WoW Classic

See you at 20:00 CEST!


Can we get a hint as to when the servers will close? Thankyou, I misread the hype around this last week and thought we’d be able to have a little friday night party on the stress test :’(

See you all ingame <3

(Forestsong) #3

Can anyone play this?


Anyone with an active sub, yes.


When will the updated client be made available for download?


A few days ago


It’s not the latest client, the beta had a higher version number so I was assuming that we would be using the latest client version. Guess it doesn’t really matter though as it’s a stress test and not a beta test. Still I wanted to report any bug I might come across, though I guess that’s pointless now as they might already have been fixed…


Going by the other stress tests it may take a while to get in we stress the login servers too and char creation.


Indeed, but in case people are unaware: sitting in the realm selection screen 20 mins ahead, looking at the grey offline servers is perfectly fine – they will turn green when they go online, the updating of the list does not require a re-login.


I’ll be there!


Who do you think will be stressed the most?
The servers or the players?

(Dottie) #12

you could read the sticky at the top of the page that says Tomorrow, probably at midnight.


Being passive agressive isn’t really helpful.

You saying “probably” instantly excuses my question lol. Midnight I assume means 4 hours after it opens, in your eyes right? I’d love some confirmation hence my question, thanks.

(Dottie) #14

Every other beta has been open for about 28 hours.


I appreciate that, nobody has ever said that or pointed that out so thankyou

So you mean… saturday morning then? 00:00? I can live with that. Here’s hoping

(Dottie) #16

Midnight Thursday is tonight, midnight Friday is tomorrow night.


Final Stress test is soon upon us, Lets give a big blast every one!
And lots of stress, of course.

(Thalmar) #18

I am already stressed from head to toe lol, my existence will by itself stress the server. I am so excited and I just can’t hide it. Less than 2 hours now…


I could cover that stress test much faster with 23 MB/s download speed than 15 years ago with ISDN connection


Am I able to play in US servers with an active EU sub. I have both versions US and EU on the classic section.