WoW Classic Realm Names and Types [Europe]

so what’s the best realm for pve stuff then? i see all the posts are about where everyone is playing on pvp realms

Well the 2 pve servers they have are both ‘High’ so neither, wouldn’t surprise me to see another pve server announced this week, so that would be the best one.

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They should also actualise their list of servers. since Firemaw is missing.

And yea, opening another PvE server seems like a good idea


LOL sooo many people want to play classic… Blizzard think they are prepared for it… But they’re not!! :grinning: Classic players inc!!!

I’m so excited last weeks about classic… Whole days I google guides and staff… but first time I came to this Discussion and I can’t believe how much bad energy is here… Instead of be angry a hatespeech the developers (yes, that developers which creates this game…) you should be excited and happy… It’s all about fun and it will be! trust little bit to blizzard and let them do their job… realms names? thats really what is important for you? Don’t be kids… and if they create 20 pvp servers and you are playing on one which is almost not populated what it’s suposed to do? run the server with no profit? Or remove it with your character? Blizzard knows best what is necessaty to be done to keep this game alive as much as is possible… It’s money what they need. They do not do it because you are on your knees 10 years and asking for vanilla… So and if they want money they need to do it best as is possible and your flame a blame means nothing…


Firemaw, the newest English PvP realm, has been added to the list.

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Gibraltar español! we need one spanish server ASAP

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Spanish Realms are a must. Clearly there is enough support for there to be dedicated Spanish realms. As an English speaker I do not want to play on realm in which other languages are used in chat on an English realm, this would ruin the game play experience for me. I am a former Vanilla player and I am looking for that community feeling again, you do not get that if other languages are used in chat.


The list has now been updated to include the additional realms opening on Monday 26th August.

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Firemaw is now on High pop last i checked.

For the Razorgore PvP Server upcoming players: Discord is xt67bFD

Add new servers on EU. Firemaw has just reached full and now the que’s will start building. And don’t you dare ask us to move again xD.


They already did, or will anyway, in 27h 23m new servers x4 (read more Sticky topics if you didn’t.

It would be nice if they did add 1 more tonight but I don’t think 4h warring is a good idea.

Besides Firemaw is likely to have less people now than the other 3 had when they hit Full.

I spammed it too but it didn’t work :frowning:

3 character limit is still active at this moment

@Brutus: nods slowly For about… 19 more minutes or so. :smiley:

On firemaw pvp - Goat - fleek - Thirsty

Please, can you open a Spanish-speaking server? I will never understand why we are treated like this…

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Complaining about server names while character name is McTittiSlap smh

i hope its a busty human atleast :stuck_out_tongue:

… oh wait. WoW dont have chest sliders…

Please make Spanish/Italian realms PvP / PvE. It would help so much with the population/Que times. And then give them free merge ability to go to them. It would lift it all