Wow classic with diff engine

That would have been amazing. Classic style gameplay but with much more nice looking engine. Better then the bfa has. Everything else, the loot, the slow leveling, everything to be classic wow


In that case it would be better to just make WoW2.0.

Anyway, it all depends if someone is nochange purist or classic+ type of person.

I don’t see how the graphics can look better than they already do in Classic. The new models of everything are horrible and don’t look like part of WoW at all.

WoW is about those simplistic outdated graphics. I honestly can’t imagine it being replicated properly, even for WoW 2.

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youtube : wow in unreal engine and see the difference

WoW Classic has style, don’t mess with it. #NoChanges

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To me it looked horrible.


They basically just have to implement RTX or something nice like that for it to be a huuuge improvement.

Now I am a fan of Vanilla too, but saying that it’s “horrible” in UE4 is either a false statement to defend your position or you need a good pair of glasses.

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To me it looked horrible. I very much prefer the cartoonish graphics we currently have.

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Anyway, I know there is a guy on youtube with a channel called “FFXI HD overhaul” which is trying to recreate the whole game with updated graphics.

Of course the thing is totally optional and client side, but I think we might get something similar for Classic.

For me Classic is very much the gameplay element of the experience, I’d have much preferred to have WoW Classic 2.0 with updated graphics as no matter what anyone says 15 y/o WoW be ugly!


Same, I don’t get this weird “I want 15+ year old graphics” mentality. But then I’m playing classic for the gameplay so the graphics can be turned up to 1,000 and as long as the gameplay stays exactly the same I’m happy!

Gutted that they are not using the new and very much improved spell animations. But I guess adding them changes the entire way the game plays and will ruin it :scream::tipping_hand_man:t2:

Or they just don’t like the art style of it? I really don’t personally.

maybe for you. To me vanilla WoW is whole package with SD textures.

I wouldn’t call Unreal engine an improvement from the current engine, from a MMORPG standpoint. Rather, I’d consider it a downgrade.

Could easily have a graphic option with old or new graphics.

I think Warcraft loses its authenticity when its changed to super realistic, the current BFA graphics (not animations) are really nice and still in keeping with the artistic style that Warcraft is known for.

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