WoW crashes when clicking use recommended settings

Hallo there, having a good day?

WoW crashes after I press “use recommended settings” in the system menu. I have been trying to fix some weird fps losses in dungeons and raids most notably Karazan.

the screen flashes between a wow black screen and the destop, after like a minute i get the error "this application has encoutered a critical error: ERROR #0(0x85 1000000) Assertion failure!

Somethings I already tried to fix this:

  • removed all addons
  • removed WTF
  • removed Cache
  • ran a repair scan

anyone able to help me or getting this fix if other people experience the same?

prob becous your pc cant coop those setting just lower it a bit and you will prob be fine.

I have been playing an Max settings all year, just wanted to see what the recommended where. just by pressing that the game crashes

It wouldn’t cause a crash.

Have you upgraded your graphics driver, or any driver. Check Windows update history for any patches just before you had issues; sometime a patch can affect the game.

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I have everything up to date. I dont know when the problem first arrived i never used the recommended button before.

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