WoW Dx 12 improvements

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The new optimizations that came into effect with Windows 10, DX 12, consist in what exactly?

Its just using 4 cores instead of 1 from the CPU?
If thats the case, the speed of the CPU is less important now?

Any tech expert that could share some light into this issue?


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right now i’ve got 20-30% load on 7 cores and 85-90% on 1, overall ~40% with pretty light load other than wow.

i think the typical performance improvement in cpu limited situations was around 30%. so it’s less important in that sense, sure.

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i have a update that i want to share that might be interesting to other fellow players:

Installed Windows 10 professional, changed the SSD from a Samsung 840 PRO 256Gb to a 860 PRO 500Gb.


Windows 7 DX11 - In Boralus i used to have between 35 fps and 50 fps;
Windows 10 DX12 - Now i have Between 50 fps and 80 fps but its usually above 60 most of the time;

Open world in BfA:

It varies from area to area but the average is a increase between 20 and 50 fps.

Im surprised and happy with the improvement, since it is very noticiable.

2 extra notes:

1 - I have a Intel i5 6600 and a Nvidia 1060 3gb, wich were the same i had before the change from Windows7 to Windows10;

2 - All that i mentioned, the fps gains, happened while i even increased some definitions in the game, wich makes it more demanding.

For example:
Environment detail from 7 to 8
Ground Clutter from 7 to 8
Shadow quality from Fair to Good

Just to name a few, i improved more definitions.



Wow is still an extremely single threaded game. A high frequency quad core CPU will still give you the best results.

Running a R5 2600 and a RTX2080 and I saw no real difference in performance. My GPU is at 30-35% load at Preset 8 and my CPU at around 20-25% at most.

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GPU’s much newer/better than a GTX1060 are a waste for WoW… unless your monitor is the size of a cinema screen…! :smile:

No matter what tweaks they do to the core code, the engine is still ~15yrs old & tuned for that generation of hardware thinking.

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Depends on quality settings. You can go higher for much better visuals.

It’s still a network game that if requested will have to sync with people all around a continent.

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Not really a DX12 issue (or is it?) but i got a question.

I checked the GPU usage in Windows 10 and while playing WoW it says its 99% and sometimes even 100%.
Does this means its time to buy a new one?
The card is a GTX 1060 3gb and i thought it was more then enough for WoW?

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If the framerate isn’t limited (by frame limiter in game or by any freesync/vsync/gsync) or if the FPS is below the limit and there are no other limiting factors then the game will run that it will generate frames as fast as possible and thus GPU will likely see 100% load.

If you have a standard 60 Hz display then you can limit the framerate to 60 FPS. You can enable in-game FPS meter by CTRL+R and limit the FPS in game settings. Then if the GPU is 100% utilized check the framerate - it can be some number below 60 and busy computing and rendering given scene and all the effects.

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Thanks for the reply Bigkeg.

I indeed have a 60 Hz monitor, so i decided to limit the framerate to 70 fps and the GPU usage dropped from a constant above 90% to around 70% average.

Sometimes it jumps to 100% depending of the location but it sure dropped the load.

edit: typo

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70 FPS won’t benefit a 60 Hz panel, just saying. Without any synchronization you may see some tearing as when the panel will be displaying second frame the GPU at 70 FPS will already start sending a third frame.

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From my personal experience, since the DX 12 improvements went live, i get to the conclusion that 8 Gb of RAM is not longer enough to have a pleasent experience playing WoW.
I mean, while playing WoW, i like to have Firefox open, to listen to some music on Youtube, or checking some sites and that gets my RAM usage between 90% and 100%.
Its weird that just Windows 10 eats 40% alone.
Its a shame that Blizzard cant come up with a clarification on this issue, so that we know we should buy more RAM.

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i’m basically never sitting at below 10gb ram usage with very everyday usage with wow, firefox and some other minor things.

w10 is good at juggling sketchy amounts of ram though. a while back i tried taking out one of my sticks and ran 8gb ram and did my best to overwhelm it, opening loads of things. whenever i tabbed into a program i hadn’t used in a while it’d freeze for a second while it loaded it back into ram, but after that it seemed to work fine.

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