WoW Dx 12 improvements

(Zyipp) #1


The new optimizations that came into effect with Windows 10, DX 12, consist in what exactly?

Its just using 4 cores instead of 1 from the CPU?
If thats the case, the speed of the CPU is less important now?

Any tech expert that could share some light into this issue?


(Retierx) #2

right now i’ve got 20-30% load on 7 cores and 85-90% on 1, overall ~40% with pretty light load other than wow.

i think the typical performance improvement in cpu limited situations was around 30%. so it’s less important in that sense, sure.

(Zyipp) #3


i have a update that i want to share that might be interesting to other fellow players:

Installed Windows 10 professional, changed the SSD from a Samsung 840 PRO 256Gb to a 860 PRO 500Gb.


Windows 7 DX11 - In Boralus i used to have between 35 fps and 50 fps;
Windows 10 DX12 - Now i have Between 50 fps and 80 fps but its usually above 60 most of the time;

Open world in BfA:

It varies from area to area but the average is a increase between 20 and 50 fps.

Im surprised and happy with the improvement, since it is very noticiable.

2 extra notes:

1 - I have a Intel i5 6600 and a Nvidia 1060 3gb, wich were the same i had before the change from Windows7 to Windows10;

2 - All that i mentioned, the fps gains, happened while i even increased some definitions in the game, wich makes it more demanding.

For example:
Environment detail from 7 to 8
Ground Clutter from 7 to 8
Shadow quality from Fair to Good

Just to name a few, i improved more definitions.