WoW economy and Classic


With Classic around the corner pretty much everyone i know and their mother is going to playing Classic.

I am concerned the wow economy in bfa will just crash. It’s hard enough squeezing water from a stone , the transmog market has crashed already. Professions pretty useless. Pet market crashed aswel , no one is buying or very little.

Will the only viable way to make gold for the next coming months will be from just farming old raids ? My Alchemy and Enchanting alts barely scrape a profit these days.

I mean i’m still trying to get all those expensive vendor mounts , so my gold goals aren’t exactly the same as someone aiming for tokens.

Do you think it’s just best to hold on to stuff until the mass exodus of classic players who don’t think it’s the game for them to come back to BFA ?


Yes 10 characters

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not me bro :rofl::joy:


That would be wise.

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The economy needs to crash… blizzard completely ruined economy with WoD.

Now with boosts making gold literally obsolete the game really is P2W.

Buy token, pay gold to get boosted for best gear, win.

Roll on classic.

Inb4 “boosts were there in classic”
Gtfo as no they weren’t in regards to the sheer amount they are now.


I don’t know about a mass exodus. Anyone who is currently doing BFA endgame content will probably continue doing so. And possibly do classic during their “spare time” when they don’t have to raid etc.


think there will be big numbers going to classic, for atleast a month or so, after that some comes back to bfa, though once new expac is announced, and bfas last raid is out and people start to not have lot to do, classic will se a huge number increase again, atleast this is what I think will happen.


It would definitely keep people playing. Switch between the two. Whenever one gets boring you play the other.

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Give it a month and vast majority will be back on ‘retail’. Classic will maintain a smaller but more hardcore-classic playerbase. Classic is just too inconvenient for most wow moaners these days. Pathfinder is nothing compared to Classic.

We may even find some people come back to retail having been waiting on their utopia arrive and disappoint.


People will play classic for a while and over time most of them will trickle back in.
Vanilla wow has been available on private servers for a long time. They are just high on the nostalgia of playing like back in 2004 under the Blizzard flag.
Some just wanna see what the fuss is about. I’ve played classic myself on private server and it’s basically just wow as it is today but with less varied quests, slower progression, harder mobs, and much less content. Oh and you have to run everywere since apparently convenience is a cardinal sin now.

Retail will still have a lot of players, so no, the economy won’t crash. I guess it could use more gold sinks though?


Well, as I see it, it will be a sort of a test on just how many hates the current expansion and it’s gameplay.

It can go two ways. Either people really mean it when they say they hate BFA gameplay, and go to play classic till the next expansion.
Or people will go to classic, only to realize that the invetsment that you have to do with your char (and time), by far excells from BFA … and come back after a month or two :stuck_out_tongue:

The first couple of months will be turist months. People come to see old instances, raids and the classic world before cata… and then they will return to BFA.

The big question though, is if they like the old playstyle, community and no “gogogo mentality” so much that they will stay and never come back.


Doubtful. Gulild/raid gated content and having to walk everywhere is a pretty big deal and nothing the modern gamer wants. And, again, it has much less content and the quests while leveling ain’t as good.

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Actually not quite. Private servers are not the same as classic wow.
Private servers have to guess how players, mobs, items & quests would of reacted back in the day. But Classic is going to be a much more accurate redemption of how it really was.


And even then, more often than not guilds that were trying to sell boosts for gold were scorned and laughed off the face of the server, because no one wanted to pay them… Outside of the one or two Auction Barons who had no problems in supporting parasites.


The biggest of them are ran by classic players who use the feedback of other classic players to emulate it to the best ability of what the players remember.
Anyways, I’ve already made plans with a friend to play classic a bit so I’ll see what it’s like, but I’ll still main retail because it’s a chill solo experience.

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Good days.


On most servers there never was any pet market to begin with as nobody bought them.


Not true. There have been times when pet trading brought me in handy gold - not big gold, but very useful gold, even on servers like Emerald Dream and Earthen Ring. Those times are long gone now, though. You either have to be very organised with cross-server trading, or cash in on a rush, like the recent Ikky rush, to make it worthwhile.


Like i said on most servers, some servers like rp servers (earthen ring) and high pop servers have more people caring about pets following them either for pet battle achievmenet hunting or for cosmetic reasons. On most servers however they wont even sell unless you accidently list them for 50 silver


You don’t get better sales on RP servers for pets, and Emerald Dream is far from high pop. Also Magtheridon, where I made a mint back in the day. I agree that the pet market is very tough NOW, but it was excellent from Warlords through the first half of Legion.