WoW Esports in 2019 - WoW

(Mysticdude) #1

Every time I try to comment on this, it asks me to log in. wtf?

Anyway, the additional micro transaction has put me off your E Sport before it starts.
Well played /clap

Another disappointing move again Blizzard
Fortnite battle passes in WoW ?

They’re just ways to add to the prize pool and get something out of it. What’s wrong about that?


Just another way of financing the prize pot for a handful of professional players that would make your average Mythic Raider at the lower end of the scale’s playstyle look like a man with no arms banging his head on the keyboard.

Making this “e-sport” financially viable is the utter ruination of the game as it will just mean everything being designed around a handful of these guys. M+ is already a cluster ~$## of trash mobs with timers to try and slow them down, and misery for your average player. Take out the e-sport and the timers and it might be enjoyable challenging content.

(Dejarous) #4

I disagree, making this esport raises the profile, gives more resources for better content and tuning.

(Punyelf) #5

Are we talking about optional toys you can buy if you want to? Or have I missed something.

(Korrina) #6

You need to correct the address. For some reason the link on the news page is for the US:

This is the EU version. If this ever happens again, just change en-us to en-gb on the address to see the correct page.

(Snusgodz) #7

How can you be against this?
I usually disagree with micro-transactions and store mounts. But adding this to raise the prize-pool for the tournament i could only see as positive for the game. More people competeting and a more active pro scene, is for one very interesting to watch and it attracts new players aswell.

(Orlen) #8

It’s interesting, I’d mostly just messed about in M+ not really pushing much at all so this is interesting indeed.

I just wish I had more free time, I’d see if I can be good enough for this or not.

(Mmorpg) #9

E-sport sucks. Game is designed around it. Sad.

(Sàbér) #10

E-sports in an MMORPG is a great way to derail it.

It’s like a kid that opens a present and just plays with the wrapper.

Then we center on putting resources to making the wrapper fun.


So…multibilion dollar company asking players to finance tournaments in their game ? So…we should by pet for 10 dollars and 2 dollars will go to the prize pool and 8 dollars for activision? no thx…the greed and milking is ridicilous.

(Punyelf) #12

You can always not buy the toy.


But how can we be outraged then?? :nerd_face:

(Daerhys) #14

Ahahahaha this is just so pathetic.


I wonder how long till we have to pay 2.99 euros to change our mogs.

“dont change mogs if you dont like it”

(Punyelf) #16

I’m sorry. Do carry on :laughing:


you can always just not buy the mount, tmog helmets, battle pets. Maybe they should be added so you can actually get them by playing the freaking game in a sub based game or we might aswell just go free to play.


<insert any issue game has that you can just not participate in<

(Punyelf) #19

I have no intention of not buying the extras. They are just that. Optional extras. I buy the ones I like or appeal to me.


its retarded that the ingame shop is even in a game with a subscription and now people are actually defending them expanding it when stuff like this should be in the game to be obtained by playing the game. Lets put more unique stuff in a cash shop.