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What part of peoples dislike for blizzard making exclusive items for the real money shop in a game that they pay a monthly sub for? Especially when they then release 14 models of the same boar (wod) or give an different coloured horses to the alliance.

Yes we can ignore it and not buy it but that doesnt make it any less of total BS from blizzards part.

(Punyelf) #42

That view I can understand a lot more. It is reasonable.


The token is just letting someone else pay for it. End result is same.

(Jito) #44

Nah, I agree that WoW is overly expensive. I think the shop is generally fine, because you can buy everything with gold if you want. People seem to forget that in their outrage, I think. :roll_eyes:

I’ll join the hate crusade if we talk about stuff like paid character migration or even the inflexibility of the subscription plans, or the general cost of the box product(s).

But toys on the store to support the prize pool for eSport? Nope, can’t see the fuzz about that.


The token is still payed for with real money, which some people think just magically appears on the Auction house it seems.

Yeah over priced automated services, any wonder people are starting to lose their 20+ years of collected good will against the company?

(Zetioun) #46

Blizzard spends millions to fire CFO. Blizzard spends $15Mill to rehire CFO. Somehow investing more than $0.3Mill on their own game is too much. LOL :joy::crazy_face::joy::crazy_face::joy:

(Punyelf) #47

People will always buy gold in the game. I personally think it’s the best of both worlds.


yeah jumping on a pretty mount is an in game ability too, I dont get what’s the point you’re making.

except that one part where in game shop was selling transmogs for real life money :joy:

yeah, but you wont have all of them, without throwing extra money at activison.

except “oh look at the pretty extras” can be done without someone milking you off of your money, but hey! whatever floats your boat boo.

I mean when I see new FREE mounts, like new darkshore kitties my reaction was exactly “oh hey look a pretty new mounts” but yeah, Im not a fan of stuff of paying money on top of the money and on top of the money… being milked isnt my sort of kink idk. maybe im just odd.

game has had a lot of issues since 2003 and its still going.
what’s the point here? we ignore issues because game’s still going? lol

its not about if you can/cant buy it.
I can buy ALL of it right now, all mounts, all pets, I could buy that “special cool deal with 66% sale” and I can probably buy next 20 mounts while being subbed till this game dies, all with in game gold.
its about, activision trying to actively milk people.

(Jito) #49

Well if it’s not your money, what do you care? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not sure. WoW has been the premium-priced MMMORPG since day 1. There’s nothing that’s changed here, arguably WoW was even more expensive in the old days (because if you account for inflation, then the cost of your subscription was higher in the past).
The game has always been hideously expensive. At least the store is optional. If you’re going to be outraged about something, be outraged about the mandatory payments, not the optional ones.

(Razien) #50

That’s actually my main issue with the cash shop and other services/extras. I’d happily throw money at Blizzard Entertainment, but I think we all know that that’s not where our money will end up going to.

Give the developers their yearly bonuses back.

I’ll start spending more of my money when they do that.

(Jito) #51

Welcome to capitalism in the 21st century. Are you new around here or what? Show me any company that isn’t trying to maximize profits and generate as much cash-flow as possible. Like, c’mon! You’re the customer here. It’s your choice whether or not you want to spend money on Blizzard’s products. If they offend you so damn much, then the obvious solution is to not spend money on Blizzard’s crap. Lord knows there are plenty of other companies out there who would like your money just as much as Blizzard wants it.

(Punyelf) #52

That there are hundreds of pretty in game mounts to choose from that don’t come from the store. That your comparison does not work because paying gold to transmog your gear in game does not in any way shape or form relate to the in game store.

Or spending gold. That stuff you have a huge amount of judging by your farewell thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

In game gold applies here too.


thats why we use the cheapest stuff possible and do everything as quick as possible and half assed at work when we mod the customers cars. Do bare minimum and get that stuff done without any quality. Gotta maximize dAt PrOfiT.


No I’ve been here for a while and remember a time when the shop was no-existent and still Blizzard didn’t go bankrupt.

(Razien) #55

I don’t mind them doing that as long as it doesn’t go at the cost of the players, the employees and the quality of their products.

Right now it goes at the cost of all of that.

(Shogath) #56

I’d pay 2,99 for a well designed transmog set. It’s what they should have started with instead of mounts and pets.

(Razien) #57

No thanks.


I wouldn’t, because there is no reason to do so. When I buy the expansion, I do not just buy the new zones, the raids, the dungeons. I buy every freaking item and feature of the expansion.


Aschtually you only buy license to play the game and nothing else /s

(Punyelf) #60

I actually bought those in the see you later deal because they were so cheap. Not something I’d have bought otherwise but it was such a bargain for the three together.

I actually think the helms were an experiment that they never repeated. The staple of the store is definitely mounts and pets.